Testimonies One

"I was blessed with the opportunity to spend 6 months in Kenya. For the most part, I was student teaching at Nyeri Baptist High School where I taught freshman Christian Religious Education. I would like to share a quick story about the time Dr. Shaw and the mission team were in Mombasa, Kenya in July 2009. Whytney Mask, myself, and three other Kenyans from Ushindi Baptist Church were evangelizing to people in the streets. Our team approached a small group of people resting at a small shop. We began to speak to the people about the love of Jesus Christ and the freedom we have in Him. As we were speaking, a crowd began to form around us; many were dressed in Islamic attire. Whytney nudged my arm as I was speaking and directed my gaze to a Muslim woman in the back of the crowd. This woman was not wearing a veil over her face as many Muslim women are commanded to by their husbands. Her face was sparkling as I spoke about freedom in Christ. I asked the crowd if anyone wanted to have this freedom, and if so, to raise their hand or step forward. At those words, the smile disappeared, the eyes closed, and the head went down on that very same woman. Whytney whispered in my ear to say to the people that they do not have to come forward now, but in secret they can accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. I cannot tell you how that woman's face sparkled once again, or when she left smiling nodding her head up and down how the chills that swept through my body. I do not know if she is my sister in Christ or not, but my hope and prayer is that one day when we stand before God, she will be among us worshiping the Father in spirit and in truth."

-Andrew Lancaster

"During the summer of 2009 and spring of 2010 I had the privilege of traveling to Kenya and Mexico through the Wayland missions department. Both trips were amazing blessings and opportunities in my life. The main objective I focused on during both trips was evangelism. I had the opportunity to go into many different villages in both countries and spend some time getting to know the people. I was able to sit and talk to them both through a translator, and speaking their native tongue. It was during these conversations that I was able to hear about the struggles, needs, and hardships they face just to get by each day. Many of the people in both countries were not Christian. But in talking to them, spending time with them, and praying for them I had the honor to see many come to Christ. However I noticed that those who were already Christian had a very deep and strong foundation in their faith. God is the first one they turn to help them through those everyday struggles. I firmly believe that the Wayland Missions Center is already doing some amazing work for the kingdom of God. And I am positive that with the continued support, prayers, and volunteers the mission center will be able to do so much more in the name Christ. I am proud to have been a part of the Wayland Mission Center missions and look forward to more opportunities to do so in the future."

-Whytney Mask