Peace Officer - S915

LOCATION: Wayland Baptist University (WBU) – Plainview Campus




GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: The Part-Time Peace Officer is responsible to provide safety and security to the students, faculty, staff, visitors, and property of the university. Will work part-time shift-work and be paid an hourly wage.


  1. Will report for duty promptly at the scheduled hour and not leave prior to the end of their shift
  2. Are expected to patrol all of Wayland Baptist University property to include the main campus, married student housing, and make walk-through checks of all of the buildings and dorms. Officers should make frequent checks of the parking lots.
  3. Monitor the weather and to ensure that the LRC Multi-purpose Room doors are unlocked (exterior and interior) whenever there is a severe weather or tornado warning
  4. Will keep the security cell phone with them at all times while on duty and return the cell phone to the Police Chief's office at the end of their shift
  5. During the normal school terms officers will start locking buildings at 22:00 and officers will set the alarms that are functional. During the summer sessions most buildings can be secured by 19:00 if it is determined that no night classes are in session
  6. During WBU holidays officers will check and secure the buildings at 19:00 when they come on duty
  7. Will check the buildings during their shifts to ensure that they are still secured
  8. Will report any malfunctioning door locks to the Chief in writing. If a door can't be secured Officers will contact the on call maintenance number 774-4224 and have them come out and secure the door
  9. Will make note of any burned out or malfunctioning security lights and report them in writing to the Chief
  10. Will report any students they find in campus buildings afterhours. Officers will request the student to show their WBU ID and notify the Chief in writing the students name, date of birth, date, time and which building the student was in. The Officers will determine where and how the student entered the building and if they have a key. The Police Chief will check with the person responsible for that building and determine if that student is supposed to be there at that time

The above statements are not a complete list of responsibilities and duties performed by employees in this position. Employee may perform other related duties as assigned by the Police Chief.


Wayland Baptist University seeks a person with an enthusiastic and contagious Christian faith who is committed to Christian higher education that integrates Christian faith with learning.

Education, Certification and License:

  1. Licensed peace officers with full police powers inside the City of Plainview
  2. High School Diploma required
  3. Some college level education is preferred

Experience and Knowledge:

  • Three (3) years minimum experience in a Texas law enforcement agency

Skills and Abilities:

  1. Good physical condition
  2. Ability to interact positively with students, faculty, staff and guests under all conditions and circumstances
  3. Ability to think creatively about solutions to circumstances, disagreements, and misbehavior utilizing the infrastructure of organizational assistance provided by the University as a primary means of resolving problems
  4. Strong written communications skills and ability to read and write the English language to support the reading of legal and technical information and creating detailed written reports
  5. Strong verbal skills with ability to communicate using complex sentences and normal word and grammar form

Additional Requirements:

  1. Will be furnished with a WBU Police shirt and are expected to wear it while working
  2. It is against WBU policy to have alcoholic beverages on campus. If an underage student is found in possession of alcoholic beverages you may file charges or refer the person for University disciplinary procedures. If that person is over 21 you should seize the alcohol. A report will be made for all law violations that occur on campus. Any violation of campus rules will be documented in a memo to the Chief.
  3. Are expected to ensure that their shift is covered if they can't work their scheduled times. Only officers on the payroll of WBU are allowed to cover a shift. If you cannot come to work and can't find someone to cover your shift you will contact the Chief for assistance in covering your shift. If must leave campus for an extended time due to Police duties you will contact a Wayland Police Officer to cover for you during your absence. As a Wayland employee you are expected to remain on campus and be easily located by students and staff.
  4. Are allowed to leave the campus for a short time during their shift for a meal, but shall return to campus as quickly as possible


Employment is subject to an introductory period to monitor employee performance. If hired, the prospective employee must present documentation within three (3) days of hire date to establish their identity and employment eligibility as required by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Employee must be able and willing to travel. Must be able to operate a licensed motor vehicle and possess a valid state driver's license or have access to reliable transportation. Must have and maintain a satisfactory driver's record.

Wayland Baptist University does not illegally discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, color, sex, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, or genetic information. Under federal law, the university may discriminate on the basis of religion in order to fulfill its mission and purposes.