Residence Hall Supervisor (RHS) (S886)

LOCATION: Wayland Baptist University (WBU) – Plainview Campus

OFFICE: Student Services/Housing

SUPERVISED BY: Housing Coordinator

POSITIONS SUPERVISED: Resident Assistants and Resident Students

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: The Resident Hall Supervisors is responsible for the general supervision of resident housing and residents.  The primary purpose of these positions are to help provide an atmosphere that is conducive to social development, academic achievement, and personal growth of the residents.  The Leadership Staff should lead residents of WBU housing by ensuring a comfortable, clean, safe, understanding, fun and respectful home life while students complete their educational experience.


  1. Must be willing to work Christmas Break, Spring Break, and holidays
  2. Be on campus August 1st, before the R.A.'s and residents for pre-semester staff meetings, trainings and athletics arrive on campus
  3. Be present in the resident hall as follows:
    1. Full-time employees 8:15 am – 12:00 noon- 1 pm – 5 pm Mon – Fri
    2. Part-time employees must have a consistent and visible presence in the residence hall
    3. Managers of apartments and houses must have a consistent and visible presence in the apartments and houses they manage
  4. All Leadership Staff must be available on-call 24/7
  5. All Leadership Staff member must schedule any vacation/sick leave through the Housing Coordinator. Unapproved vacation/sick leave will be viewed as a non-compliance of policy and reviewed with the Dean of Students for disciplinary action.  Weekend coverage is an important aspect of this job and consistent requests to be off during the weekends will be denied based on the circumstances of the request
  6. All Leadership Staff must approve, attend and assist the RA’s Project each semester including supervision of the planning process of their required Project/Education Programs. All required forms for a project must be completed and returned to the Housing office within an appropriate amount of time
  7. All Leadership Staff members are responsible for the safe, clean and repaired condition of their residence halls and apartments. Leadership Staff members must make room checks and see with their own eyes the condition of the buildings they are in charge of and take any actions necessary to keep their buildings in proper working condition
  8. Walk through Reports are required twice a semester to record resolved and unresolved maintenance issues for the reporting of such to the Dean of Students, Director of Maintenance, Director of Property Management and V.P. of Enrollment Management
  9. Report daily maintenance issues to Housing Coordinator and through email to Housing and copy to Maintenance. Keep documentation of any reported issues and give a copy to the Housing Coordinator.  All Leadership Staff must follow-up on reported maintenance issues to confirm that the issue was repaired.  If not repaired within a reasonable amount of time, contact the Housing Coordinator immediately
  10. Responsible for accurate key control and key issuance for the housing facilities. Available to lock and unlock the housing facilities’ doors as necessary to insure safety of residents
  11. Monitor and sign off on all room checks in the residence housing. All repeated violations of room checks and non-payment of fines must be reported to the Housing office for further disciplinary action
  12. All documentation, including room checks, RA Meeting agendas, and work schedules are to be turned in every Monday to the Housing Office. These must be completed correctly, neatly and ON TIME
  13. Responsible for picking up mail from boxes in Housing Office weekly
  14. WBU e-mail must be checked daily. Important dates, meetings, and events are posted often and the Leadership Staff members are responsible for knowing what is going on, not only in the dorms but around campus
  15. Keep the Housing Coordinator informed of all aspects regarding your facility including, residents issues, maintenance issues, discipline issues, any staffing problems, requested time off and any other situations which are important to residence life and your specific job responsibilities
  16. Assure that residents comply with and support the University policies and procedures and report ALL violations in writing to the Housing Coordinator and assess fines as needed
  17. Discipline problems within the residence facilities are to be written up and sent to the Housing Office the same day the offense occurs. Persistent problems will be reviewed by the Housing Coordinator and the Dean of Students, if no resolution is achieved by normal means
  18. Provide guidance, safety and support for each resident as needed for reaching his/her educational, social, and personal goals while attending WBU
  19. Serve as an appropriate role model for all residents by exhibiting maturity, friendship and Christian concern for the well-being of each resident. This is the students’ home and a “home-y” atmosphere should be the Leadership Staff’s goal for the students living in their facility
  20. Supervision of all residents in the housing facilities, knowledge of the resident names and awareness of where they reside within WBU housing facilities
  21. Be aware of and uphold the policy and procedures as stated within the Student Handbook which is located and can be accessed on line at
  22. Assume other responsibilities as assigned by the Housing Coordinator and or the Dean of Students. The Leadership Staff will be required to work in coordination with the Housing Office on tasks as assigned on a regular basis
  23. Be responsible for postings on all social media. You are the example and as so DO NOT POST ANY INAPPROPRIATE information, language, pictures, etc. that could be viewed as inappropriate for an employee working at a Christian based institution such as WBU  


The Leadership Staff member is required to attend all mandatory trainings, workshops, meetings and/or in-services required before or during each semester.  The Leadership Staff members will attend all Housing staff  meetings which will be held once every two weeks as scheduled  through the Housing Office and any other called meetings as deemed necessary.  The Leadership Staff members who reside in a resident hall will be required to meet with the their RA Staff of their Residence Hall at least once a week for direction and scheduling this typically occurs on Sunday evenings. Apartment Managers and House Managers will meet at least once a month and as otherwise deemed necessary.

The above statements are not a complete list of all responsibilities and duties performed by employees in this job.  Employee may perform other related duties as assigned by the Housing Coordinator.



Maintain at least a 2.5 GPA (cumulative) when enrolled at WBU

Experience and Knowledge:

  1. Possess a basic understanding of human development, including the concepts and strategies necessary to help residents in their development and growth toward adulthood.
  2. Have knowledge of the services and procedures provided on campus, good working knowledge of the rules and policies of the residence halls, houses and apartments, and a good working knowledge of academic and social survival skills
  3. Should be graduate student status or higher or at least 23 years old, unless otherwise approved by the Housing Coordinator and Dean of Students

Skills and Abilities:

  1. Ability to listen and refer people for additional help, empathizing, and helping others resolve problems
  2. Exhibit good organization, paperwork management, time management, and follow-through on projects started or assigned
  3. Have good communications skills when instructing staff or students, setting objectives, motivating others and supporting others in their specific times of need
  4. Maintain strict confidentially policies and procedures within your staff and residence halls
  5. Maintain any and all Title VIII Policies & Procedures as required by WBU


Position is subject to annual review of performance by the Housing Coordinator and Dean of Students.  A signed Job Description is required for each academic year while serving as Leadership Staff member.  WBU reserves the right to re-appoint and re-assign any and all Leadership Staff member as deemed necessary.  Any Leadership Staff member not fulfilling their responsibilities and not exhibiting the proper attitude toward students, parents or WBU staff will be released to seek employment elsewhere.


Employment is subject to an introductory period to monitor employee performance.   If hired, the prospective employee must present documentation within three (3) days of hire date to establish their identity and employment eligibility as required by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  Employee must be able and willing to travel.  Must be able to operate a licensed motor vehicle and possess a valid state driver’s license or have access to reliable transportation.  Must have and maintain a satisfactory driver’s record.

The University: Wayland Baptist University is a four-year liberal arts university. The institution is affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas. The Wayland Baptist University System is comprised of the Plainview campus, which is predominately a residential campus, twelve external campuses, and the WBUonline offering courses in a broad range of academic areas.

Learn About Us: Candidates are encouraged to learn more at About Wayland.

Application Procedure: Applications may be submitted online or you may download it from the top of this web page by clicking on Application for Employment.

Interested individuals MUST submit the following information: 
1. Letter of Interest
2. Completed University Application of Employment with Faith Statement (Link to Application Below)
3. Current Resume
4. List of Current References

Please send this information to:
Ron Appling, Director of Human Resources
Wayland Baptist University
1900 W. 7th Street, CMB #1274 
Plainview, TX 79072
Phone: (806) 291-3451 
Fax: (806) 291-1981

Application Deadline:
Position will remain open until filled

Wayland Baptist University does not illegally discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, color, sex, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, or genetic information. Under federal law, the university may discriminate on the basis of religion in order to fulfill its mission and purposes.