Tutor for Veteran Success

Join the dynamic team at Wayland Baptist University's Multidisciplinary Tutorial Services (MTS) as a Part-Time Tutor, where we have multiple positions available across various locations. We are actively seeking passionate individuals to contribute to our mission of providing comprehensive academic support to students. In partnership with the Virtual Center of Excellence for Veteran Student Success (V-CEVSS), we are expanding our tutoring services to build valuable resources for WBU's veteran students, benefiting not only military-affiliated but all students on our campuses. Whether you prefer the vibrant atmosphere of our Plainview campus, the dynamic setting of our San Antonio location, or the flexibility of remote work within the state of Texas, there's a tutoring opportunity for you. As a tutor, you will play a pivotal role in enhancing the academic success of our diverse student body, collaborating with professors, collecting data to refine tutoring services, and actively contributing to the growth and development of our tutorial programs.

Location: Hiring on multiple locations, including Plainview, TX, San Antonio, TX, and Remote Texas workers. Each location has specific needs. Please review the location you are interested in to learn more.

Department: Multidisciplinary Tutorial Services and Virtual Center of Excellence for Veteran Student Success

Supervised by: MTS director, Dr. Brent Lynn and V-CEVSS Project Coordinator, Christine Lockridge

Minimum Qualifications: Some college education required; Bachelor’s degree preferred.

Specific Tasks and Duties for all Tutors Despite Location:

  • Create and maintain a consistent schedule in the MTS scheduling system WCONLINE. The tutor will have the freedom to create his/her own schedule in collaboration with the MTS director and existing office schedule.
  • Conduct tutorial sessions in specialized areas, including writing, math, science, etc.
  • Participate in resume training and conduct resume reviews.
  • Coordinate with MTS and V-CEVSS supervisors to discover best practices for tutoring veteran students.
  • Undergo training with various experts in best practices for assisting veteran students.
  • Collect data from tutorials with veteran and civilian students.

Plainview Campus Tutors:

Multiple Positions Available

General Responsibilities: Tutors at the Plainview campus will work with students, both veterans and civilians, in both face-to-face and virtual settings. Tutors will actively participate in collecting data during these appointments, contributing valuable insights to identify best practices and refine tutoring services. Moreover, Plainview tutors will be instrumental in the development of workshops and resources specifically tailored to the needs of our veteran students according to the collected data, ensuring a holistic and comprehensive approach to academic support. In addition to their role in tutorial sessions, tutors will be responsible for participating in administrative duties, including email management, scheduling appointments, and answering phone inquiries.

Specific Tasks and Duties:

  • Conduct face-to-face and virtual tutoring appointments.
  • Develop workshops and resources according to data.
  • Monitor and answer emails.
  • Answer and transfer telephone calls in a professional manner.
  • Create appointments and recording client reports.
  • Assist other staff in maintaining a professional environment in the MTS.

San Antonio Campus:

Multiple Positions Available

General Responsibilities: Tutors on the San Antonio campus will provide face-to-face tutorial sessions within their designated area of expertise, such as subjects like writing, math, or science. More so, tutors on the San Antonio campus will play a pivotal role in establishing a branch of the MTS on-site, contributing to the development of a program tailored to the specific needs of the San Antonio campus. The program will have a primary focus on addressing the needs of veteran students, ensuring their academic success, but will also benefit all students on the San Antonio campus. Tutors will actively collaborate with local professors to address students' specific academic challenges, engaging in face-to-face appointments to collect data, identify best practices, and refine tutoring services.

Specific Tasks and Duties:

  • Provide face-to-face tutorial sessions.
  • Collaborate with MTS and V-CEVSS to implement strategies for expanding and enhancing tutoring services on the San Antonio campus.
  • Collect data from tutoring sessions to contribute to the evaluation of tutoring effectiveness and the identification of best practices specific to the San Antonio campus needs.
  • Collaborate with local professors to tailor tutoring sessions to determine and address the specific academic challenges faced by students.
  • Commit to meeting regularly with MTS director and/or V-CEVSS project coordinator.

Remote Position (State of Texas Only):

Multiple Positions Available

The Multidisciplinary Tutorial Services (MTS) is open to considering remote tutors who prove to be dependable, independent, and self-disciplined. Remote tutors must commit to specific scheduled hours and collaborate with the MTS's master schedule. They will design their schedule but must guarantee availability during scheduled hours. Remote workers will also assist with projects according to their specific area of study and skills. Remote tutors will work with a schedule, conduct virtual tutoring, and contribute to projects according to their area of expertise.

Specific Tasks and Duties:

  • Conduct virtual tutorial sessions.
  • Maintain a consistent schedule in the MTS scheduling system WCONLINE.
  • Collaborate with the MTS team and contribute to projects as per individual skills and area of study.
  • Commit to meeting regularly with MTS director and/or V-CEVSS project coordinator.
  • Assist in the development of best practices for virtual tutors

All activities within the Multidisciplinary Tutorial Services are conducted with the understanding that our primary goal is to provide free and unbiased assistance to all members of the WBU community. Building trust through respecting the confidentiality of sessions and fostering a collaborative relationship between instructors, tutors, and students is fundamental to our commitment to academic improvement.

Wayland Baptist University is an Equal Opportunity Employer.