Front Office Assistant (Part-Time)

LOCATION: Wayland Baptist University (WBU) – Hawaii Campus 

SUPERVISED BY: Front Office Supervisor 



GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: The Front Office Assistant serves as duty monitor for all facilities used by Wayland Baptist University for weeknight and weekend classes at the Kapolei Campus. 

HOURS: Work 5:00 pm to 9 pm Monday through Friday and 8:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturday.


  1. Arrive at site at least 30 minutes before classes begin in order to begin unlocking classrooms and inspecting for readiness for classes
  2. Unlock classroom doors, turn on lights and inspect classrooms to ensure they are ready and clean for class
  3. If applicable, assist the professor in setting up Blackboard Collaborate
  4. Monitor all audio-visual equipment, computers, overhead projectors, remote control, etc.
  5. Ensure instructors have all of the necessary equipment
  6. Assist students and instructors in locating classrooms
  7. Monitor the security cameras
  8. Secure classrooms when classes are over
  9. Make a security and safety check each hour of all pertinent classrooms in the building while classes are in session
  10. Be prepared to respond appropriately to emergencies. During severe weather alerts, keep instructors informed and, using best judgment, coordinate with instructors regarding class dismissals. Under emergency situations, make sure all individuals vacate to designated rooms. Inform all school representatives of early dismissals or other emergencies
  11. Ensure that students in each classroom are following the WBU Hawaii Campus policies regarding facility use
  12. At the end of class, reset the classroom (clear trash from tables and floor, erase boards, straighten tables and chairs) Conduct a security check of all applicable buildings, including all offices, classrooms and restrooms to verify that they are vacant, following the end of class sessions. Respond appropriately and quickly to emergency situations.
  13. Report all emergency situations to the Front Office Supervisor
  14. Ensure computer systems are appropriately logged-off and all overhead projectors are properly turned off
  15. Record activities as required prior to departing
  16. Assist the Front Office Supervisor on tasks such as making copies requested by faculty and print any promotional materials related to Wayland, including program brochures and course schedules.
  17. Field phone calls at the Front Office
  18. Administer CLEP, Dantes, Scantron, WBU exams, Non-WBU Exams in accordance with testing guidelines and policies. If applicable, obtain proctor certification.

Other Duties to be Performed:

  1. Manage social media messaging for the university (Facebook and Instagram)
  2. Represent the school in a professional and courteous manner and assist instructors and students in any reasonable manner
  3. Coordinate any expected absences and time sheets with the Front Office Supervisor
  4. Advise Front Office Supervisor of any defective equipment, lights not working, fire hazards, plumbing problems, etc.

The above statements are not a complete list of all responsibilities and duties performed by employees in this job.  Employee may perform other related duties as assigned by the Front Office Supervisor.



  1. Associates Degree required
  2. Bachelor Degree preferred

Experience and Knowledge:

  1. Social Media skills preferred
  2. Public relations and Marketing background preferred
  3. Experience in building security and monitoring is preferred                                                                                     

Skills and Abilities:

  1. Good physical condition
  2. Basic computer skills
  3. Must be able to carry out the assigned duties of the position

Other Required Qualifications:

Appropriate dress and well-groomed, neat appearance is required


Employment is subject to an introductory period to monitor employee performance.   If hired, the prospective employee must present documentation within three (3) days of hire date to establish their identity and employment eligibility as required by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  Employee must be able and willing to travel.  Must be able to operate a licensed motor vehicle, have access to a dependable motor vehicle, and possess a valid state driver’s license.  Must have and maintain a satisfactory driver’s record.

Wayland Baptist University does not illegally discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of race, color, sex, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, or genetic information. Under federal law, the university may discriminate on the basis of religion in order to fulfill its mission and purposes.