Employment Opportunities

Job # Job Title Campus
AJ54 Project Management Plainview, and/or online
AJ53 Christian Studies Plainview, TX
AJ52 Management Information Systems Online
AJ51 Business Analytics Online
AJ50 Business Administration Online
AJ49 Legal Studies Plainview, and/or online
AJ48 Business Statistics Plainview, TX
AJ47 Cybersecurity Plainview Online
AJ46 Geology Plainview and/or online
AJ46 Environmental Sciences Plainview and/or online
AJ44 Business Law Phoenix
AJ43 Computer Science Phoenix
AJ42 Biology Phoenix
AJ41 Political Science Phoenix
AJ38 History Phoenix
AJ37 Economics Lubbock, TX
AJ36 Geography Lubbock, TX
AJ35 Marketing Lubbock, TX
AJ34 Finance Lubbock, TX
AJ33 Accounting Lubbock, TX
AJ32 Math Lubbock, TX
AJ31 MISM Lubbock, TX
AJ30 French Virtual Campus
AJ29 Biology San Antonio, TX
AJ26 English, History, Communication, Spanish Hawaii


Employment Application

Notice of Availability of the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report is available on the University's website at: The report contains information regarding campus security and personal safety including topics such as: crime prevention; public safety authority; crime reporting policies; fire safety; programs to prevent dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking; the procedures the University will follow when one of these crimes is reported; and other matters of importance related to security on campus. The report also contains information about fire statistics in WBU On-Campus Student Housing Facilities and crime statistics for the three most recent calendar years concerning reported crimes that occurred on campus; in certain off-campus buildings or property owned or controlled by the University or a recognized student organization; and on public property within, or immediately adjacent to and accessible from the campus.

If you would like to receive a hard copy of the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report which contains this information, you can stop by the WBU Police Department at 1900 W. 7th St. Plainview, TX 79072 or you can request that a copy be mailed to you by calling (806) 291-3490.