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Our Business Office staff is here to help you manage your account. There are several ways to make payments to your account, including cash, checks and credit/debit cards. Cash and checks will be accepted in person at any Wayland campus. Checks will also be accepted via mail. However, credit or debit card payments must be made online through the WBU website. Please note that a non-refundable 2.75% processing fee will be assessed to U. S. credit or debit card payments. Payments made with international credit cards will be assessed a 4.25% processing fee.

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2022 Tax Form 1098-T FAQ


What is a Form 1098-T?

The Form 1098-T provides tax information to both the taxpayer and the IRS which may be useful in determining eligibility for tax credits and/or deductions. Either the student or the person that claims the student as a dependent may be eligible for tax credits and/or deductions on his/her individual income tax return for qualified tuition and related expenses.

Depending on your income (or your family’s income, if you are a dependent), whether you were considered full or half-time enrolled, and the amount of your qualified educational expenses for the year, you may be eligible for a federal education tax credit. (You can find detailed information about claiming education tax credits in IRS Publication 970, page 9.)

NOTE: Wayland Baptist University is unable to provide you with individual tax advice, but should you have questions, you should seek the counsel of an informed tax preparer or adviser.

When is the 2022 Form 1098-T going to be available?

Your 2022 Form 1098-T is available now.

Where do I go to access my 2022 Form 1098-T?

If you previously signed up to receive your Form 1098-T electronically, it can be accessed with the instructions below.

If you did not sign up to receive the Form 1098-T electronically, a hard copy has been sent through mail via the U.S Post Office to your address on file with WBU.


To access your Form 1098T electronically:


  • Go to
  • Enter the Site ID: 10530
  • User Name: WBU Student ID (ex: 000987654)
  • First-Time Default Password: Last four of SSN (for first-time users only)
  • For security reasons, you will then be prompted to change your password. Enter your old password (last four digits of your SSN) and then enter a new password. The new password must be at least 8 characters, include at least one digit, at least one lowercase letter, at least one uppercase letter, and at least one special character (*,@,!,$,etc.).


  • Go to
  • Enter the Site ID: 10530
  • User Name: WBU Student ID (ex: 000987654)
  • Password: Please use the password that you created whenever you originally accessed the website. Any password reset requests will be sent to your Wayland e-mail address.

If you no longer have access to your Wayland student e-mail, please call 806-291-3459 to get a password reset link to a different email address.


How is the figure in Box 1 calculated?

Due to IRS regulations, we must report in Box 1 the amount of QTRE you paid during the year. Payments made in 2022 up to the amount of a student’s QTRE will be shown in Box 1. Payments from all sources are in this box, including financial aid and third-party sponsors. Box 1 includes only payments made in 2022 toward QTRE. Payments for non-qualified expenses such as room and board, books/supplies, and student health insurance will not be shown in Box 1 because these expenses are not considered QTRE.


What is considered qualified tuition and related expenses (QTRE)?

Qualified tuition and related expenses (QTRE) refer to tuition and required fees a student must pay to be enrolled at or attend an eligible educational institution. These fees include lab fees, specific class fees, compliance/data service fees and general fees.

Qualified expenses do NOT include charges and fees for room, board, insurance, transportation, personal, living and other family expenses. Qualified expenses do not include late fees or payment plan fees.

Where can I retrieve a complete listing of my account transactions from Wayland?
Please log into Self Service Click on the Finances tab, and then click on the Balance link.

How is the figure in Box 5 calculated?

The figure in box 5 includes scholarships, grants and, if applicable, payments made by a third party under formal billing arrangements which have been administered by Wayland Baptist University such as outside scholarships and employer provided educational assistance.

This includes payments received from governmental and private entities such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Defense, civic and religious organizations, and nonprofit entities.  


If you received other forms of outside scholarships and grants not administered by Wayland Baptist University, it is your responsibility to adjust the figure accordingly. Third party payments do not include payments from loan proceeds, parents or other family members.

Who does not automatically receive a 1098-T form?

  • nonresident alien (international student) – If you have a SSN or TIN, you may request a 1098T. Canadian students may also request Canadian TL11A Tax Form to be filled out.
  • students enrolled in courses that do not lead to a post-secondary degree (e.g. Christian Ministry Certifications, Education Certification Programs, Piano Pedagogy)


If you have any questions or concerns regarding your Form 1098-T, please contact us at 806-291-3459.


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