Visual Art Major

Why Visual Art?

The Visual Art curriculum strives to instill in students a critical understanding of historical as well as contemporary art, to help them develop an intelligent evaluation of technical processes as they relate to creative expression, and to direct their creative abilities toward mature artistic proficiency.

The objectives of the Visual Art curriculum are to provide students with a strong foundation in the history and critical evaluation of the arts, to give students a working knowledge of the media and their applications, and to develop the technical skills and conceptual abilities needed to enter the working fields of the visual arts at a competitive level.

Visual Art Requirements

In addition to the General Education Core for the BA, the major in visual art includes 36 semester hours, of which 18 must be from upper-level courses.

Courses required for a major in visual art include:

ART 1302 - Drawing I
ART 1304 - Painting I
ART 2303 - Design I
ART 2308 - Art History Survey I
ART 2309 - Art History Survey II
ART 3304 - Painting II
ART 4360 - Practicum
three hours from:
ART 1305 - Sculpture I
ART 2306 - Ceramics I
three hours from:
ART 3302 - Drawing II
ART 3303 - Design II
plus nine advanced hours in approved art electives