Wayland Baptist University – Vance AFB



1.   Personal Safety and Security:  Wayland Baptist University (WBU) is deeply concerned about the safety and security of the Campus employees and students.  As such, WBU continually seeks to maintain a safe and secure environment for faculty, staff, and students.  However, the WBU Staff can not guarantee the absolute safety and security of any individual.  Safety and security begins first with the individual.  Faculty, staff, and students must take initial responsibility for their respective personal safety and security.  The information provided below is designed to assist each individual in the development of a personal safety and security plan. 

1.  Avoid walking alone, especially after dark.
2.  Park cars in well-lighted parking areas, or in appropriate education center parking lot on Altus Air Force Base (AFB).
3.  Register, engrave, or mark all valuable possessions.
4.  Lock vehicle when attending classes.  Do not leave valuables in your vehicle within view.
5.  Report suspicious persons to WBU staff, faculty, or to the appropriate law enforcement agency.
6.  Know who to call in an emergency.  (See additional telephone numbers below)
7.  Never leave personal belongings unattended.


2.   Wayland Classroom and Office Security:   On Altus AFB, security is provided by the Security Forces Squadron. As a closed military installation, all students entering Altus AFB must show I.D.  Security Forces personnel make frequent patrols of parking areas near and around both Education Centers.  In addition, Wayland employs a building monitor, who walks through the facilities each evening during classes and secures the building for the evening.

The building housing the WBU—Altus office and classrooms has four outside entry/exit doors and is equipped with fire alarms and a sprinkler system.  The base is equipped with tornado/emergency siren and the building is equipped with a clearly marked tornado shelter.


3.  Reporting Crime: Staff, faculty, and students are asked to read and familiarize themselves with the following crime reporting agencies and phone numbers.  ALL EMERGENCIES should be reported by calling 911.  Crimes witnessed on Altus AFB must be reported to Security Forces at 580-481-7444.  Crimes witnessed in facilities utilized by the university should also notify WBU administrative staff in person or by phone at 580-481-5243 or 580-379-4241.  During classes, students can contact administrative staff through the building monitor by calling 580-481-6106Report all emergencies by calling 911.


4. Prohibited Activities on Campus, within Campus facilities and within the confines of all Military Installations:

1.  Alcohol and Drugs: WBU prohibits the use of illegal drugs or consumption of alcohol. Wayland forbids the possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs, drug paraphernalia, and alcohol by staff, faculty, and students as part of any activity of the University.  Compliance with these standards of conduct for staff, faculty and students is mandatory.

2.  Firearms for personal protection or sport are strictly prohibited on and within campus facilities.  Absolutely no weapons may be brought by staff, faculty, and students onto any Federal military installation, except by official law enforcement personnel.


5.   In compliance with the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of l990, WBU has compiled and reports the following criminal statistics for the school period of January 1, 2005 to December 31, 2006.  The Altus Campus enrolled 50 students in Fall Term, 2006.  All students commute from their homes in or around Altus and on or off the military installation of Altus AFB.  WBU classes are held within the greater Altus area at Altus AFB.  There is no student housing provided for Altus Campus students by WBU.  These statistics include incidents occurring on the campus and the area immediately surrounding the campus.


Material promoting safety and security awareness will be periodically distributed. WBU will continue to develop and implement safety and security measures, but these measures will not be successful without your support.  Remember no safety or security program can be successful without each individual's personal awareness and prior planning.