Academic Eligibility

Wayland Baptist University policy provides that degree candidates must first be eligible to participate in the Graduation Commencement.  Eligibility requirements must include a pre-graduation meeting with an Academic Advisor, fulfilling all degree and financial requirements and applying to graduate.  The pre-graduation meeting with an Advisor determines if students are “on course” for degree conferral.  If an Academic Advisor finds that a student is ready to begin the graduation process, the student will be directed to file the Application for Graduation and pay the graduation fee.  Deadlines for academic and financial requirements are stated on the Application for Graduation and must be followed.

The Degree Evaluation Process

The submission of an Application for Graduation begins a degree evaluation process that involves the combined effort of several university officials at both the Sierra Vista and Plainview, Texas campuses.  All credits that are applied to a student’s degree(s) will undergo evaluation and final auditing, and a final grade point average (GPA) will be calculated.  The ultimate goal is for Wayland to maintain academic integrity in each degree that is conferred.  Actual degree conferral and honors designation is determined during the week before the Graduation Commencement ceremony.

Financial Obligations

Degree candidates must submit the application and pay the appropriate graduation fee by

March 16, 2007:  $75.00 for an AAS or BAS Degree; $105.00 for both AAS and BAS Degrees, and $100 for a Master’s Degree.  In addition to fulfilling degree requirements, degree candidates must clear all financial debts with Wayland Baptist University one month prior to graduation.

Graduating with Honors

Graduating with honors apply to undergraduate students only.  Honors distinction requires that the student has: 

  • 60 semester hours with letter grades
  • A GPA of 3.50 or higher in all Wayland courses
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher from all transfer courses and Wayland courses combined.

Names of honors students are released to the Sierra Vista campus/Tucson site the week before the ceremony.  Students graduating with honors will not be contacted prior to the ceremony; however, before the ceremony begins, these students will be given a double gold cord to signify honor status.  They will also receive an honor certificate along with their diploma.

Receiving your Diploma

Diploma packets will be distributed immediately after the ceremony at the designated pick up area.  (The diploma cover you receive during the ceremony is an empty diploma cover).  The diploma packet will include one diploma per degree granted, a complimentary transcript, a copy of the graduation commencement program, a reflections booklet, graduation photograph order form, and alumni services information.  Students graduating with two degrees will receive an additional diploma cover for the additional degree.  Diplomas will be mailed to students who are graduating in absentia.