Student Government Association


Student Government Association is the student voice in University affairs, interpreting student desires and needs to the University. Patterned after the United States Government with the legislative and executive branches serving to check and balance the government, to establish and maintain good administrative relations and to enrich student life and activities on campus.

Student Government Association Cabinet - The Student Body (SGA) President serves as the chief executive officer of the Student Body. Cabinet is the group of elected and appointed officers who serve as an administrative panel to the Student Body President.

Student Government Association Senate - Senate is the legislative branch of SGA. It is composed of twenty full-time students, five from each student classification. The Senate has the power to make recommendations to the administration, to try all student government impeachments, to propose amendments to the SGA Constitution, and to ratify appointments made by the SGA President.

Officers for 11-12

Student Body President
Laura Higgs

President of SAC
Brittany Stender

President of Student Foundation
Emma Taylor

President of BSM
Angela Lichtie

President of Senate
James Holder

President of SUB
Lance Heinen

President of CSO
Rick Ross

Secretary of Elections
Jose Avila

Attorney General

Zane Lewis