Focus happens every Monday and is a time for all students on campus to come together, fellowship, and worship.  It starts at 8:00 PM every Monday night at the SMAC (Student Ministry Activity Center). 

We have a Leadership Team comprised of about 35 students who lead dorm Bible studies and help plan events.  Leadership team meets every two weeks to share stories and encourage each other.  There will also be a Freshman leadership team that will meet every other Monday night for leadership training and planning events for the semester.

Fall and Spring Revival is a 3 night event focused on worship, praise, learning, and growing.  It is a time to refocus and be refreshed. 

International students at Wayland get together every month to cook and eat together.  Our International Student Committee plans out these meals and what type of cuisine will be available.   

Our Freshman ministry this year is called Fresh 815.  It is based on the parable of the Sower in Luke 8.  We want freshman to be good seed in the soil where they have been planted.  Freshman will meet every Thursday at 8:15pm at the SMAC where former freshman will give our newcomers bits of wisdom for their Wayland journey and play games.

Each year, many BSM students take part in mission trips.  Winter, summer and spring break mission trips are available.  Places that we've gone in the past include England, China, Mexico, Alaska, Massachusetts, Haiti, and South Padre Island.  We also offer summer and winter mission trips through GoNow Missions.

BSM will also hold other events throughout the semester including cookouts, tailgate parties, midnight worship, and game nights.


Our weekly large group worship service. It starts at 8:00pm at the SMAC (Student Ministry Activity Center) located on Utica Street, between 8th and 9th streets. FOCUS includes a student led worship band and biblical teaching brought to you each week by Donnie Brown, BSM Director.


This is a campus wide worship service where all Christians can come and worship together.  It is a place where you can invite your roommates, dormmates, and classmates to come and hang out with us as we worship and learn from God's Word.

Shortly after the beginning of the semester, leadership team members will meet with groups of students after FOCUS on Monday nights in their dorms for Bible study and discipleship.


Monthly meals/events


Monthly worship @ SMAC 12:00am


The BSM offers students the opportunity to serve through missions year round.  Check with us throughout the year to see where we are going and how you can be a part of taking the gospel to the nations.

1. Check out the different opportunities available to college students in missions.

2. Email us about any questions you may have about missions.