For nearly a century, Wayland’s Christian heritage has been celebrated as a source of strength for students, faculty, administrators, and staff. It is as much a part of higher education on our campus as our schools of academic study, and as such, we proudly offer a vibrant range of opportunities and resources dedicated to spiritual development.

Student Ministries
Student Ministries at Wayland Baptist is dedicated to transforming students’ lives through the power of the Holy Spirit. Each year Student Ministries coordinates a rich array of activities, events, and exciting ministry team programs. Some examples of the University’s ministry teams and other student ministry programs and activities include:

  • Focus
  • Prayer
  • Missions
  • Evangelism Ministries
  • Special Events
  • Fresh 815
  • Disciple Now Groups
  • Owen Small Groups
  • Davis Small Groups
  • Brotherhood Small Groups
  • Caprock Small Groups
  • Dean Hall Small Groups
  • International Ministry
  • Midnight Worship
  • Alumni

Missions are an invaluable outlet for students to demonstrate their commitment to service and faith. Some opportunities for missions and mission-related activities include Texas Baptist Student Missions, International Mission Board of the SBC, and North American Mission Board of the SBC.

Church Services
Wayland’s Office of Church Services exists to develop and maintain positive links between the University, individual congregations, and church entities in a manner that fosters mutual appreciation, support, and service, while overseeing the spiritual development of the University and its ministerial students.

Student Groups and Programs
In addition to Student Ministries, you will enjoy access to a number of other student groups, organizations, and programs focused on spirituality, including Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Ministerial Fellowship.

Area Churches

  • You will find a wide selection of churches in the Plainview area, many of which offer specific programs for college students.  For a list of churches please contact us at (800) 588-1928.