Wayland Baptist University Sierra Vista and Tucson 2013-2014 Tentative Course Rotation


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LM = Landmark Plaza, 400 W Fry Blvd, Suite # 14 Sierra Vista, AZ 85635 (520) 459-1610

FH = Ft Huachua Army Education Center (Rascon Learning Center) 2288 La Guardia Ft. Huachua, AZ 85613 (520) 533-1047

TU = Tucson Site 6235 E Broadway Tucson, AZ 85711 (520) 792-1506


Spring Summer Notes
COSC 2311 Computer Applications EB/FH KH/LM EB/FH KH/LM  
ENGL 3303 Studies in Fiction   TB/LM   TB/FH  
ENGL 3316 Special Topics in English     TB/LM    
ENGL 4314 Contemporary Usage FB/LM   TB/LM    
MATH 1300 Intermediate Algebra WH/LM   WH/LM    
MATH 1304 College Algebra   WH/LM   WH/LM  
TBD Upper Level Science   FH   LM  
GEOL 3302 Meteorology ME/LM   ME/FH    
HIST 3303 History of Texas MS/LM        
HIST 3308 History of American Women     MS/FH L   Lunch
HIST 3309 History of the 20th Century   MS/LM      
HIST 3310 US Diplomatic History       KA/FH  
POLS 2301 American Government KA/LM KA/LM KA/LM ?/LM  
RLGN 1301 Old Testament History ?/LM     JH/FH  
RLGN 1302 New Testament History   JH/LM ?/FH L   Lunch
SPAN 1301 Spanish 1   ?/LM   ?/LM  
SPAN 1302 Spanish 2     ?/LM    
GRAD 0001 Senior Seminar TB/LM TB/LM TB/LM TB/LM  
UNIV 1101 Foundations of University Life TB/LM TB/LM TB/LM TB/LM  
BUAD 3319 Business Law     MS/LM*    
BUAD 4334 Business Ethics KB/FN L       Lunch
MGMT 3304 ┬áPrinciples of Management LM FH LM FH  
MGMT 3310 Managerial Communication   KB/FH L   FH Lunch
MGMT 3324 Human Resource Management   MC/LM*      
MGMT 4306 Dynamics of Leadership       MC/LM*  
MGMT 4320 Organizational Behavior JM/LM*        
MISM 3303 Info Systems Theory and Practice   TA/LM      
MISM 3304 Information Technology Operating Systems     TA/LM    
MISM 3314 Advanced Computer Applications TA/LM        
RSWR 3345 Research Writing Methods TB/LM TB/FH TB/LM TB/FH  
JUAD 3300 Criminal Law       TR/FH  
JUAD 3310 Criminology ?/FH   ?/LM*    
JUAD 3319 American Legal System   JG/FH      
JUAD/SOCI 3320 Cultural Diversity CN/LM        
JUAD/SOCI4307 Deviance   CN/LM      
JUAD/PSYC 3325 Forensic Psychology       CN/LM  
JUAD/SOCI 4310 Social Psychology     CN/LM    
GRAD LEVEL            
BUAD 5304 Ethics   JM/LM      
BUAD 5315 Legal Environment     MS/LM*    
MGMT 5305 Organizational Theory MC/LM JM/LM      
MGMT 5306 Leadership and Management Development       MC/LM*  
MGMT 5309 Strategies of Human Resource Management   MC/LM*      
MGMT 5313 Diversity Management     MC/LM    
MGMT 5316 Special Topics in Management     JM/LM    
MGMT 5320 Research Methods JM/LM        
MGMT 5325 Organizational Development and Behavior JM/LM*        
MGMT5350 Strategic Management for MAM       JM/LM  
MISM 5306 Management of Info Systems       TB/LM  

EB-Edward Boyles KH=Ken Hilton
ME= Mike Engel MS=Mark Savage
MS=Mark Schuttner SB=Sharon Burks
TB=Tim Brady MC=Maria Church
JM=James Moffett KA=Kevin Austin
KB=Kathleen Bullock TA=Thomas Alinen
JH= James Harms CN= Caroline Nolander
TR=Thomas Ransford WH=Wanees Hereira

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