THIS CHECKLIST will guide you through the various processes need to be admitted to Wayland Baptist University. We hope you will check it off and contact us if any questions or problems arise concerning your admission.
Application for Admission. Complete and submit the University's formal application form.
Application fee $35 (non-refundable). An application fee is required from every candidate pursing a degree or the completion of a pre-professional program.
Transcripts. Students must submit an official high school transcript showing graduation.



To be admitted after attending another college, a student must:
Apply for Admission. Students must be eligible for re-admission to the last school attended.
Application fee $35 (non-refundable)
Transcripts. Transfer applications must submit official transcripts from all post secondary institutions attended. Transfer applications with less than 24 hours must also submit an official high school transcript showing graduation.
ACT/SAT Scores. All transfer students who are pursing the completion of a degree or a pre-professional program and transferring less than 24 hours must submit an official copy of either the ACT or SAT test scores.



Areas not specifically addressed, including admission of re-enters and admission of international students, will be administered as specified in the current Wayland Baptist University Catalog,
Federal Financial Aid is available at Wayland Baptist University. For further information, please visit our Financial Aid page.