The statement, “We are dedicated to serving as a catalyst for life change,” is part of Wayland Baptist University’s Mission Statement and it has certainly been true in my life.

I first learned about Wayland Baptist University from my brother who was attending the campus in Phoenix.  At the time I was attending another school, but was not satisfied with the curriculum, so I decided to see if Wayland had a campus in Sierra Vista.  What a pleasant surprise to learn that there was, indeed, a campus in Sierra Vista, so I made an appointment to have my transcripts evaluated.  From the moment I entered the counselor’s office, I realized I was in the right place. 

My first course was History of Old Testament and I was impressed by the quality of instruction.  I was not disappointed by the quality of instruction in subsequent courses.  Every class was taught by a professional who truly cared about the education being imparted to the students.  Each class opened the opportunity to learn, share knowledge, challenge my own skills, and to build friendships with other students and faculty that would follow me for a lifetime. Wayland is not a school where you can “buy” a degree; the University has high standards and students are expected to meet those standards.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to become a better person.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree and can truly say my life has been enhanced by this experience.  My confidence grew immeasurably and I could now feel  equal to the my “educated” co-workers.  Not long after graduation, I received a promotion on my job.  But, the bigger and more important changes came, as a result of my History of Old and New Testament classes, when I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.  I cannot begin to tell you what a HUGE difference that has made in my life. 


"I selected Wayland Baptist University … on the recommendation of a friend. I was interested in Computer Information Systems and Wayland was willing to let me use my military training for a major in Electronics Technology.
After my first couple of classes at Wayland I realized I made the right choice. My training at Wayland has made me more marketable."
Joel Larson
Sierra Vista Graduate, Fall 2003