Sexual Misconduct, Title IX & Discrimination Campus Resources

WBU Title IX Co-Coordinators:

Dr. Andy Pagel
Title IX Co-Coordinator
Wayland Baptist University
1900 W. 7th Plainview, TX 79072
(806) 291-3406

Dr. Justin Lawrence
Title IX Co-Coordinator
Wayland Baptist University
1900 W. 7th Plainview, TX 79072
(806) 291-1173


Wayland Baptist University is committed to providing a learning, working and living environment that promotes civility and mutual respect. Sexual misconduct is a serious issue that can result in the interference or prevention of victims of such behavior from having an equal opportunity to access education or employment.  Sexual misconduct (including domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking) are serious offences and a Title IX civil rights issue, as well as a potential crime and a violation of Wayland Baptist University policy. You have the right to file a complaint with the university and you have the right to file a separate criminal complaint with the local Police Department. Students and employees who violate Wayland’s sexual misconduct, Title IX, and discrimination policies are subject to disciplinary actions up to and including expulsion and/or termination of employment status, and may be subject to criminal charges.

Students and employees are expected to comply with Wayland’s policies that prohibit unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, sexual assault, and stalking both on-campus and off-campus.  Any student who witnesses or experiences such conduct on-campus or off-campus by someone who is a member of the Wayland Baptist University community is encouraged to report the matter to the Title IX Coordinator or a WBU representative listed below (in case of emergency call 911):

Please also see the WBU Title IX Responsible Employee Listing for information regarding who you can share the information with and which employees you can speak with confidentially.

It is important to remember that sexual misconduct is never the fault of the victim.


Local Police Department     806-296-1182
WBU Police Department, Lonnie Burton     806-774-4225
Dean of Students, Tom Hall     806-291-3750
Director of Counseling, Teresa Moore     806-291-3764
Coordinator of Housing Services, Nancy Keith     806-291-3766
Director of Health Services, Laurie Hall     806-291-3763
Athletic Director, Rick Cooper     806-291-3801
Director of Human Resources, Ron Appling     806-291-3451

Local Police Department     505-823-4455
Campus Executive Director/Dean, Dr. Steven Smith     505-323-9282
John Corvino     505-323-9282 (faculty and member of Albuquerque PD)

AFB Security Forces     580-481-7444
Campus Executive Director/Dean, Dr. Tom Fisher     580-481-5243 or 580-649-2229
Fort Sill Site Coordinator, Tom Condry     580-481-7428 or 580-649-0656

Local Police Department     806-378-3038
Campus Executive Director/Dean, Dr. J. B. Boren     806-352-5207
James Tudman     806-353-5207

Local Police Department     907-786-8900
Campus Executive Director/Dean, Dr. Eric Ash     907-375-4506
Anchorage/Wasilla Site, Linda Hoffman     907-373-4675

Local Police Department     575-769-1921
Campus Executive Director/Dean, Dr. Gary Mitchell     575-763-0535

Local Police Department     907-459-6507
Campus Executive Director/Dean, Dr. Eric Ash     907-375-4506
Beth Durban     907-377-4398

Local Police Department    808-723-3609
Campus Executive Director/Dean, Dr. David Howle     808-488-8570

Local Police Department     806-775-2410
Campus Executive Director/Dean, Dr. David Bishop     806-742-9514

Local Police Department     602-262-6151
Campus Executive Director/Dean, Dr. Glenn Simmons     602-279-1011    
Downtown Site, Kevin Downing     602-279-1011
Luke AFB Site Coordinator, George Ennis     623-935-6274

San Antonio
Local Police Department     210-227-7201
Campus Security     210-590-5637
Campus Security Officer, Rogue Cantu     210-667-8799
Campus Executive Director/Dean, Dr. Jim Antenen     210-687-6173
New Braunfels Site, Dr. Jim Antenen     210-687-6173
Lackland AFB Site, Dr. Jim Antenen     210-687-6173 or Dr. James Walker Todd     210-279-5341

Sierra Vista/Ft. Huachuca
Local Police Department     520-458-3311
Campus Executive Director/Dean, Dr. Glenn Simmons     602-279-1011
Barbara Lopez     520-459-6111 or 520-533-1047
El Paso Site, D. Todd Jones     915-755-5100

Wichita Falls
Local Police Department     940-720-5000
Campus Executive Director/Dean, Dr. Dean Daniel     940-855-4322
Call Field Site, Lois Barnes     940-696-0404
Sheppard AFB Site, Dr. Dean Daniel     940-855-4322


Crisis Center of the Plains     806-291-8058
Hale County Crisis Center     806-293-9772
Pregnancy Crisis Hotline     806-296-5000
Catholic Family Services     806-296-7044
Rape Abuse Incest National Network RAINN     1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

New Mexico Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs     505-883-8020 or
Sexual Abuse Therapists in Albuquerque

Rape Crisis Center of Central New Mexico     505-266-7711
ABQ Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners Collaborative     505-884-7263

Altus AFB (military only): Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Office     580-481-7428 or 580-649-0656 

Family Support Services
Care Net Pregnancy Center     806-350-7584
Amarillo Agency For Women     806-353-0900

STAR Standing Together Against Rape     907-276-7273 or
Abused Women’s Aid in Crisis     907-272-0100
Alaska Women’s Resource Center     907-276 0528
Victims for Justice     907-278-0977

Patti Johnson, Victim Advocate Administrator     575-769-2246
Plains Regional Medical Center     575-769-2141
Clovis Counseling Center     575-762-0212

Eielson AFB (military only): Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Office     907-377-7272
Fort Wainwright Post (military only): Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Office     907-231-7432
Family Advocacy Victim Advocate     907-353-4340
North Pole Police Station     907-488-6902
Fairbanks Police Department     907-459-6507
Alaska State Troopers     907-451-5100
Access Alaska     800-770-4488 or 907-248-8799
Alaska Native Women’s Coalition     907-456-2320
Interior Alaska Center for Non-Violent Living     907-452-2293 or 800-478-7273
Sexual Assault Response Team Program     907-485-5555
Stevie’s Place (child advocacy)     907-456-2866

Sex Abuse Treatment Center     808-524-7273 or
Hawaii State Coalition for the Prevention of Sexual Assault     808-733-9038

Voice of Hope – Lubbock Rape Crisis Center     806-763-7273 or
Women’s Protective Services     806-747-6491, 806-748-5292 or
Legal Aid Society of Lubbock     806-762-2325 or
Lubbock Victim Assistance Services     806-789-5857, 806-763-3131 or
Family Counseling Services     806-747-3488 or

ADABI     928-674-8314, 1-877-698-0899 or 928-674-7091
A New Leaf     480-969-4024, 1-800-799-7739 or
EMPACT-SPC     480-736-4949, 1-800-656-HOPE or
Glendale Police Department West Valley Advocacy Center     623-930-0303 or 623-930-3720
Luke AFB (military only): Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Office     623-856-4878

San Antonio
Rape Crisis Center     210-349-7273
Base locations (military only): Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Office     210-808-7272
Rape Crisis Center     210-349-7273
Diversity Center of San Antonio     210-223-6106
Women Together Hotline     800-580-4879 (Hotline) or 956-630-4878

Sierra Vista
El Paso: Sexual Trauma and Assault Response Services (STARS)     915-533-7700
El Paso University Medical Center     915-544-1200
Center Against Family Violence (CAFV)     915-593-1000

Wichita Falls
Call Field Site: First Step     940-692-1993
Faith Refuge     940-723-5663

Sheppard AFB (military only): Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Office     940-676-0364