Acquaintance Rape


A RAPIST IS NOT ALWAYS A STRANGER attacking late at night in an isolated place. A rapist may sit next to you in class, compete on your intramural team or belong to the same organization. Rape doesn’t just conjure up thoughts of a crazed stranger in a dark alley anymore. Date rape is rape.

If You are Raped . . .

Tell Someone
Collect your thoughts, then call:
-911 or any police department

Get Medical Care
As soon as possible, seek medical care from a hospital emergency room,  A general exam by a rape/sexual assault nurse at the Covenant Hospital Plainview Emergency Room  is advised to collect information for documentation of evidence should you decide to prosecute. The exam may also include testing and treatment to help prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Report the Rape
It is your decision whether to report the rape; however, most rapists are repeat offenders and your report may prevent future attacks from occurring. University personnel will assist you in notifying the police if needed. If you plan to file a report, do not clean up the area or alter it in any way prior to WPD’s arrival, and do not bathe, shower, douche or change clothes prior to the medical examination.

Seek Counseling
The local Rape Crisis Hotline and the Wayland Baptist University Counseling Center are staffed with well trained and compassionate counselors. They can assist you in dealing with the emotional trauma and pain associated with sexual assault. University officials will also help you change academic and living situations if that is your choice and such options are reasonably available.

Date Rape Prevention Checklist

  • Set sexual limits. You don’t “owe” anyone sex. Communicate those limits. People can’t read your mind.
  • Trust your feelings. If you feel pressured, you probably are.
  • Pay attention to behavior that doesn’t seem right. Power stares, someone who grabs or pushes, someone who doesn’t listen or disregards what you are saying, someone who blocks your way, or someone sitting or standing uncomfortably close are all clues that you should stay alert.
  • Be assertive. Get angry and act immediately with a negative response if things seem out of hand. Stand up for yourself. It’s OK to make a scene or be rude if someone is pressuring you.
  • Control your environment. Decide whether you want to be in a particular place or not, and don’t depend on casual acquaintances for money, shelter, transportation, etc.
  • If you choose to drink alcohol, drink responsibly. Seventy-five percent of date and acquaintance rapes occur when one or both persons are under the influence of alcohol.