Dr. Peter Bowen and Students

school of behavioral and Social Sciences

The School of Behavioral and Social Sciences is grounded in the university's mission to provide students with a broad education through programs which relate higher education to the human experience. Each academic area guides its students through the various concepts of studying people in order to gain an understanding of how social and psychological aspects of life shape the behavior of people and the society in which they live.

The School of Behavioral and Social Sciences , supervised by Dean Dr. Estelle Owens, offers majors in history, human services, justice administration, political science, psychology, and sociology. Behavioral and Social Sciences offers four degree plans, the AAS, BA, BS, and B.A.S.


The School of Behavioral and Social Sciences offers a MPA, Master of Public Administration, a MAC, Master of Arts in Counseling and a MA, Master of Arts in History. Many courses are available online through Virtual Campus.

Faculty and Staff

Each social science major is assigned an academic advisor (faculty member) and should consult regularly with the advisor to ensure proper course selection Each faculty member has regular hours to assist students with advising or give students assistance with class work.