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School of Math and Science

Mission Statement:

The School of Mathematics and Sciences emphasizes a rigorous, ethical approach to the study of mathematics and science.  We believe that success in these disciplines requires a broad base of content knowledge and the development of the critical thinking skills necessary for the ongoing acquisition, processing and communication of current subject matter.  The activities of the School, both academic and professional, intentionally reflect the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His centrality to all of creation.

Welcome to the School of Math and Sciences.

Wayland's School of Mathematics and Sciences prepares students for a variety of careers or graduate study by teaching fundamental concepts, real world applications, research skills and analytical thinking skills to develop the individual student.  It is our goal to provide quality academic content in a Christian environment.  Far from believing that the worlds of faith and science are completely unrelated, or necessarily in conflict, we feel that our faith and the pursuit of a scientific understanding of the world around us strengthen and complement one another.  This relationship is not always a simple one, nor is it always comfortable, but if you are looking for a place to study science or mathematics in the light of God’s Word, Wayland Baptist University may be just the place for you.


We offer programs in biological sciences, chemistry, environmental sciencesgeology, mathematics, molecular biology, as well as related pre-professional studies. We offer two degrees, BA and BS ,within these programs.  

Alumni Involvement:

Students, past and present, are the reason we are here. We are proud of your success and want to share in the joy with you. Click here to stay connected with us and let us recognize your excellence! We would like to encourage all of our alumni to stay actively involved with our School, as you can provide our current students with invaluable insights on what it is like to be a Wayland student and offer recent perspectives on “real world” experiences in your chosen career path. Let us help you make the transition from active student to active alumnus. Remember, you are a Pioneer forever and linked to the thousands that call Wayland Baptist University their alma mater.

We are Pioneers Forever!


Faculty and Staff      

It is the relationship between our students and our faculty that is at the heart of the success of our program.  The faculty in our School are individuals with a rare combination of professional and academic expertise coupled with a dedication to our students and a genuine love of God.  Our classes are taught by our faculty, not graduate assistants, and our students have the opportunity to work directly with our faculty on a variety of research projects.  The ability to get one-on-one assistance from the professor during office hours can make a huge difference in an academically challenging class.

Our students not only receive outstanding classroom instruction, but also forge lasting relationships with faculty mentors that extend outside the classroom and continue beyond graduation.  The proof of our success is the success of our alumni.  They can be found in many different places, doing many different things, and we could not be more proud of what they have accomplished. 

Please browse through our website.  You will learn more about who we are and how we do things.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of us.  You will find our contact information on the menu bar to the left.

Dr. Scott Franklin is the Dean of the School of Mathematics and Sciences.