Wayland’s pre-professional programs offer students advancements in their choice of undergraduate degree programs

Students with interests in nursing as a career may complete one of the following options.

1. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in two years after completing the general
education core of 74 hours. See the Generic B.S.N. program as outlined in the School
of Nursing section of the catalog.
2. Professional-level nursing programs leading to RN certification are three calendar
years in duration, including approximately one year of pre-professional course work
in the following required courses:

BIOL 1401 – General Biology I
BIOL 2305 – Nutrition
BIOL 3408 – Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL 3409 – Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BIOL 3410 – Microbiology
CHEM 1401 – General Chemistry I
ENGL 1301 – Composition and Rhetoric
ENGL 1302 – Composition and Reading
MATH 1300 – Intermediate Algebra
MATH 1304 – College Algebra
PSYC 1301 – General Psychology
PSYC 2301 – Developmental Psychology