• Pre-Engineering

    Pre-Engineering or Computer Science Minor

    For Christian colleges across the country, Wayland Baptist University offers a wide variety of undergraduate degree programs and although they may not be able to accommodate some of the educational training as larger universities, Wayland has created dual degree and enrollment programs with other colleges to assist in their Pre Professional programs.

    In essence, a student spends two and a half to three years at Wayland taking mathematics, science, and core requirements. Along with some summer work, the final two to two and a half years are spent at an Engineering school (like West Texas A&M or Texas Tech) taking engineering/computer science classes. Enough hours from the Engineering school are transferred back to Wayland to allow a student to obtain both a B.S. in Mathematics from Wayland (with a minor in engineering or computer science) and a B.S. in a specific field of engineering (civil, mechanical, etc.) or computer science. In their final semester, the student will also take Wayland’s Senior Seminar course (GRAD 0001 PL99).

    Engineering is a five-year course of study and this cooperative program gives an attractive way to receive two degrees while completing most core and mathematics courses in a small college setting.

    Courses to be completed at Wayland (with a 3.00 grade point average or better)

                            MATH 1306 -- Elementary Statistics

                            MATH 2306 -- Calculus I

                            MATH 2307 -- Calculus II

                            MATH 3300 -- Calculus III

                            MATH 3302 -- Linear Algebra

                            MATH 3303 -- Vector Mechanics

                            MATH 3307 -- Mathematical Reasoning and Proof

                            MATH 4302 -- Differential Equations

                            And and three hours of upper-level mathematics electives

                            BIOL 1400 or ENVS 3401

                            CHEM 1401 -- General Chemistry I

                            PHYS 2401 -- University Physics I

                            CHEM 1402  or PHYS 2402

                            MSCI 2311 -- Scientific Computing

                            MSCI 3101  -- Faith and Science

                            COMS 1301 -- Speech Communications

                            ENGL 1301 -- Composition and Rhetoric

                            ENGL 1302 -- Composition and Reading

                            ENGL 2303 -- World Literature

                            EXSS 1112 --Concepts of Fitness

                            One activity course

                            HIST 2301 -- United States History to 1877

                            HIST 2302 -- United States History since 1877

                            POLS 2301 -- Federal and State Government

                            PSYC 1301 or SOCI 1301 or three hours of PHIL

                            RLGN 1301 -- Old Testament History

                            RLGN 1302 -- New Testament History

                            THEA 1303 or MUSI 1303 or ART 1301 or ART studio course

                            UNIV 1100 -- Foundations of University Life

                            GRAD 0001 -- Senior Seminar

    Courses to be completed at an Engineering University

    The Engineering school may require core curriculum classes not covered by Wayland’s core. If a student has not completed two years of a single foreign language in high school, at least two semesters of a single foreign language at the first-year college level is required. Choose from either engineering or computer science. Taking courses in the summer during the time courses are being taken at Wayland is recommended.

    Engineering - Professional engineering courses depend upon the type of engineering chosen, and can range from 55 to 75 hours.

    Computer Science - Approximately 60 hours of computer science courses, and three hours of electrical engineering courses.