Political Science Major

Why Political Science?

The political science curriculum provides students with an analytical and historical understanding of the ideas and beliefs of American political culture; the heritage of Western political thought; and a critical knowledge of the origins, development, and operation of state and national governments in the context of American federalism. The program further seeks to foster a global perspective by giving students a comparative framework of political analysis. The objective of the political science major is to prepare students for government service or other graduate or professional training in a related field.

Political Science Requirements
The major with a B.A./B.S. degree requires a minimum of 31 semester hours of which 25 are upper level.

The following courses (31 hours) are required for the Political Science major:
*POLS 2301 – Federal and State Government
POLS 2302 – State and Local Government
POLS 3304 – Western Political Thought
POLS 3312 – Comparative Politics
POLS 3411 – Research Methods and Data Analysis
Select three hours from the following three courses:
     POLS 3307 – American Constitutional Law
     POLS 4304 – The Presidency
     POLS 4308 – Congress and Legislative Processes
Twelve hours of upper-level electives in political science

* Three hours may be included in the general education core curriculum.