Wayland at LUKE Air Force Base




Active Duty Tuition Assistance (TA)

  • Apply for TA prior to the beginning of the term start date.
    • Contact the Luke Education office for more information on TA Form 1227.
  • Submit TA form 1227 to the Wayland office at Luke AFB office.
  • Top-up for TA – please send an email Request for Top-up certification with a copy of the TA form 1227 with Top-up selected to Luke.

Military Education Benefits

If you have any military associated tuition assistance benefits please follow the instruction below when registering online. (see list below)

After login on Student Services select the “Finance” tab select “Online Payment” then select the current term in which you will be enrolling then select “Military Tuition Assistance”  at this point it you will be asked the following question:

Will you receive any military tuition assistance benefits to pay for your classes? 

 Select Yes if you have:


  • Post 9/11 *(please indicate the correct percentage, if you are not sure check your COE)
  • Montgomery GI Bill (Ch30, Ch35)*
  • Vocational Rehab (Ch31)/ Form 28/1905*
  • Active Duty TA-  Air Force Form 1227*
  • Army Form 2171-E

*Please note if you indicate that you have these benefits Wayland must have proof of eligibility on file before tuition will be processed.

If you do not see your benefit option in the drop down please call our Luke AFB office for assistance. Please refrain from using “other” if possible.

For more information on  Veterans programs click here  GI Bill Post 9/11

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