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Course Dates--

Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 5:30

July 1-August 3, 2010


Course Schedule

July 1

Introduction / Foundations of Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology Center    Blessings

July 6

Academic tenets and practical applications

Emotions     Empirical Data

July 8

Developing positive self-talk and avoiding negativism

Authentic Happiness

July 13

Simplifying life and developing a sense of focus

Pursuing Happiness

July 15

Healthy body and healthy mind

Procrastination     Immune Neglect

July 20

Goals, aims, and perfectionism

The Perfect Trap

July 22

Relationships and dealing with difficult people

Mindfulness     Ironic Mental

July 27

Self esteem, self-talk, wit and wisdom

Self Esteem     Self Efficacy

July 29

Stress management, Bits of wisdom

Set for the long haul

August 3

Final Class (only for "credit" students)