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Course Dates--

Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 5:30

July 1-August 3, 2010

Daily Journal

Each day you will be required to keep a journal. You must do this each day for one month. Each day's journal entry will consistsof three different aspects:

  1. A list of five things for which you are grateful--these need to be about your gifts, your experiences or your relationships...not about your possessions.
  2. A 250 word paragraph of a happy experience--remember back to an experience that made you happy. It can be as recently as yesterday or as far back as your early childhood. Take time to remember it and embrace the feelings before starting to write.
  3. A paragraph stating three feelings with an explanation of each as to why you were happy--try to experience the feelings you had that validate your happiness. Explain the feeling.


  Journal Example

I am grateful for (1) my good sense of humor (2) my ability to laugh at myself (3) my ability to tell jokes in public (4) my ability to remember good jokes (5) my ability to "catch it" when I hear a joke.

I remember as a child when my mother and father took me on a picnic back in the woods behind our house. I was about five years old, My mother and father both worked long hours and we did not have a lot of extra time. My father normally worked on Saturdays, but this Saturday he was off. I remember my mother opened up a loaf of bread and and put in some ham and cheese to make sandwiches. She also bought some potato chips, and make some homemade chocolate chip cookies. After she loaded them into a basket along with some plates, napkins and cutlery, and a blanket, we headed out back. It was a nice spring day and the azaleas were blooming.

I could feel the sun warming up my skin and I could smell the freshly mowed grass. We followed the little path out back through the little hollow that would often overflow after a hard rain. I remember my dad carrying some orange sodas in a bucket along with some ice in it. He put a bottle opener in his khaki pants as we headed out. We walked along the path until we came to a little opening under the pine trees. My mother got the blanket and spread it out on a grassy little flat spot. We all sat down. My mother opened the basket and started putting sandwiches and chips on our plates. I remember the “pop” sound as my dad opening up the orange sodas. As we sat there, we could hear the wind blowing through the tall pine trees around us. It was glorious.

I knew I was happy because (1) I felt close to nature. I always loved the out-of-doors and the fresh breeze, smells, and sounds made me feel alive. (2) I felt special. This was something I don't ever remember us doing before. My parents told me they were doing all this for me. It took extra time and effort to do this. (3) I felt loved. This was before my two other sisters were born and I felt so close to my mother and father at this time. My father worked so much and I didn't get to see him much. When Idid, he was often tired and irritable. This time he was smiling, laughing, and we all had such a great time.