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Course Dates--

Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 5:30

July 1-August 3, 2010


Welcome to the "Happy Course"

For years psychology was a tool to point out what was wrong with people. About a decade ago many pschologists and counselors began to use psychology to examine what was right about people.

This course examines positive psychology. We will uncover the positive things that promote inner happiness, which only arises from within and which only occurs after we create a positive self. In other words, we don't make our own happiness, rather, happiness enters when we give it the right place to reside.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be happy. We are divinely designed to be happy. Unfortunately too many people never experience this as they think they should. They are "hungry for happiness".

We will examine things anyone can do to create the proper environment in order for happiness to prevail. Join us and see how five weeks can change your life!

D Glenn Simmons, PhD