Wayland takes great pride in the caliber of its faculty.  Adjunct faculty positions are available in several areas. Accreditation requires that faculty have at least a master's degree in the subject to be taught, or a master's degree with 18 graduate hours in the field they wish to teach. WBU expects all faculty to be professing Christians active in a church or local fellowship.

Wayland requires the following for employment: 

a) Application for employment (click for forms) along with a curriculum vitae

b) Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work. 

c) A completed I-9 with accompanying documentation.

d) A completed W-4.

e) AZ State A-4


Please mail these to my attention at WBU Phoenix  2702 N 3rd Street  Suite 1050  Phoenix, AZ 85004. Please give me a call if you have an interest in an adjunct faculty position. My work number is (602) 279-1011

Dr. D. Glenn Simmons, Dean WBU Phoenix