Dear Faculty Members,

Thanks for the wonderful job you do of representing Wayland in your classroom. You are still one of the most valuable contacts that our students have with us. We honor and appreciate your dedication and hard work! There are several issues we need to remember:

1. SYLLAB I-- Be sure to contact us to get a syllabus template. Syllabi should be submitted a week before classes begin. It should be sent via e-mail. 

Please note: email your completed syllabus to Kevin Downing at downingk@wbu.edu

2. Final Exams -- Each class is to have a final exam or final project. Our accreditation agency requires both the syllabi and the final exam for each course we teach to be on file. 

3. Approved Books -- Each professor must use an approved book. Please Contact us at 602.279.1011 if you need help getting an up-to-date book.

4. Grade Inflation -- This is one of our biggest issues, according to our main campus. Some professors grant almost every student an A in almost every class they teach. Our accreditation people tell me that this is a huge problem in maintaining our accreditation.

5. Student Attendance -- If you have a student who is on the roll and not attending, please inform us immediately. Also, if you have someone attending the class who is not listed on your class roll, please let us know immediately. Students should attend every class. Students who miss more than 25% of the classes (that's only three) should not pass unless there is a legitimate reason and the material missed has been made up. My personal opinion is that a student may miss one class without grade penalty (if the missed material is made up and there is a legitimate excuse). Students who miss an additional class will be penalized one letter grade for the class grade.

6. Grade Reports -- Please turn in grades NO LATER than one week after finals. These need to be submitted via I.Q. Web and a "hard copy" turned in to our Central Park Forest Office.

Thanks again for a wonderful job -- -D. Glenn Simmons, PhD, WBU Phoenix Dean