Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) Graduates 

Wayland has a special transition program for those who want to pursue their Bachelor's degree. Many students may be able to complete their Bachelor's degree and save around $2,000 compared to the cost of attending one of Arizona's public universities. The savings could be $7,500 or more when compared to many other local, private universities.   

Wayland offers:

  • GENEROUS TRANSFER POLICIES--transfer in up to 72 community college hours. Receive up to 12 free credits for work experience.

  • FLEXIBLE DEGREE PLANS--our majors and specializations are designed to offer a smooth transition from the Associate's degree  without loss of credit hours.

  • AFFORDABLE RATES--$262 per semester hour ($365 for online courses).

  • ACCELERATED PROGRAMS--evening classes meet once a week in each 11 week term.  There are 4 terms per year. Its possible for a student with 72 hours of community college and 4 years of work experience to complete the Bachelor's in a year.

  • TUITION DEFERMENT POSSIBILITIES--pay 1/3rd down and get up to 120 days tuition deferment for those whose employers pay tuition reimbursement or tuition assistance.

  • ACCESSIBLE CLASSROOM LOCATIONS--our classes meet at locations throughout the valley...and we have Internet courses as well. 

  • STUDENT-FRIENDLY ACADEMIC AND FINANCIAL ADVISING--our professionals will work out a degree plan and possible financial assistance to meet the individual student's needs.

  • NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED CREDENTIALS--we're one of the largest providers of university education to the US military. One out of 7 active Army and Air Force personnel who received a degree last year received it from Wayland. We have over a dozen campuses through the US. Most veterans use their Montgomery GI Bill or Veterans Affairs funding.

  • FULLY ACCREDITED ACADEMICS-our students go on to both graduate and professional programs throughout the US. We are accredited through Southern Association of Colleges and Schools , the same accreditation agency for U of Texas, University of Florida, and all other accredited universities in the southern region of the US. Southern Association is the equivalent to North Central Association that accredits ASU, NAU and other universities in this geographical region.

  • Call now for an appointment (623) 935-6274  on the West Valley or (602) 279-1011 for Phoenix and the East Valley...or e-mail us for more information. Connect to WBU Phoenix Campus site here. 

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