Planning On Graduating soon?? 

All senior students planning on graduating with the Phoenix Campus will need to meet with the academic counselor as soon as possible. 

Click Here For Graduation Information


Financial Aid

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is now available. A complete FAFSA must be submitted to the Federal Student Aid Information Center requesting that the analysis be sent to Wayland.

The form may be obtained and submitted over the Internet from the website: However, the student must still see the Financial Aid Advisor.

All financial aid students MUST have an award letter before using financial aid at registration. All students MUST have an admission letter from the University to be eligible for Financial Aid. Please see a counselor for further clarification.



Testing four days a week are available at our Central Park Forest Office at 2702 N 3rd St, Suite 1050 Phoenix, AZ 85004. Call Traci Ennis at (602) 279-1011 for an appointment or email her. No testing is done on Fridays, or after 3:30 pm on Monday through Thursday.


Proctored Exams

Proctoring exams are offered M-Th during normal office hours. Please schedule an appointment and provide course, instructor section & the instructors name so proper password can be accessed. Proctored exams on Friday must be scheduled before 10am, to insure staff availability.

Veterans’ Affairs (VA)

Please be aware that the VA pays directly to the student. The student is then responsible for paying the school. The majority of the time, the VA pays in monthly increments. To generate those payments, the student must verify at the end of each month that he/she remained in class for the certified number of hours. There is an automated system to verify by phone at 1-877-823-2378. You may also contact Nikk Cullison at 602.279.1011 or email him for the Central Park Forest Site. For Luke AFB contact  George Ennis at 623.935.6274 or email him.