A Message from D. Glenn Simmons, PhD,

Executive Director and Campus Dean

Wayland, Phoenix happens to be one of the best values in education in the state. We're committed to providing the best possible education at the best possible price. The Department of Defense rates Wayland as one of the best 10 universities in the world at providing education to military personnel and their families. We're a hundred years old and we're fully accredited.

 Our classes last about 4 hours a night, one night a week for eleven weeks. We let you attain your education around your busy and demanding schedule at an accelerated pace and at an affordable price!

    We're committed to you. Within the environment of a Christian setting, we seek to give our students the skills and tools necessary to accomplish their life's goals. We offer classes in downtown Phoenix, Luke AFB and North Phoenix. We offer associate, bachelor, and master degree programs to fit you needs. Give us a call at (602) 279-1011 or at (623) 935-6274 at Luke AFB) It would be our pleasure to serve you.