Dr. Ryan Lunsford

International Management Studies
Management and Administrative Sciences
Business Administration
Having completed international studies at The University of London and The London School of Economics and graduate degrees from three different universities, Dr. Ryan Lunsford's academic training is stellar. Professor Lunsford brings a broad knowledge base to the classroom that gives our students strong academic insights and practical skill sets that they can quickly implement in their careers. Dr. Lunsford has served as a Director of Marketing for an educational organization and as Director of Strategic Management for a Dallas-based non-profit corporation. He began his teaching career in Phoenix with Wayland as an adjunct professor in 2005 and taught full-time for Grand Canyon University as Assistant Professor of Marketing and International Business for more than three years. While at Canyon, he served as the Founding Directive of their prestigious Ken Blanchard Executive MBA Program working with senior executives around the country. Dr. Lunsford teaches a variety of Business course for Wayland including Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Organizational Behavior.