Online Degree Programs

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Associate of Applied Science


The AAS degree program is designed to track directly into the BAS degree. Students desiring to continue in their educational pursuits can do so at the baccalaureate level with no loss in credit between the AAS and the BAS degrees. The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree is a 63-semester hour degree which requires 30 semester hours in a general education core and 33 semester hours from an approved major. The residency requirements on the AAS. degree counts toward the BAS residency of 31 hours. The AAS residency is 18 hours. The six majors include applied science, business administration, human services, justice administration, and religion.



Bachelor of Applied Science


The BAS is a degree that allows individuals to apply previous technical and vocational training or work experience as credit toward a liberal arts degree for career advancement. A variety of majors are available depending on your career experience or future goals. This degree can be completed entirely online.

The BAS is geared toward students with technical degrees or occupational training through U.S. Armed Services schools or the workplace, providing a seamless transition from technical fields to a baccalaureate program. Majors include Applied Science, Business Administration, Early Childhood Development, Human Services, Justice Administration, Management, and Religion.



Bachelor of Christian Ministry

    The Bachelor of Christian Ministry Degree (BCM) is a minimum 124-semester hour degree designed to afford both academic and professional depth for individuals who possess recognized competence in a ministry . The degree integrates university degree requirements with appropriate experience. A minimum of 36 semester hours must be in upper-level credit (courses numbered 3000 and above).



Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN) provides students the ability to complete a degree in two years after completing the general education core of 73-75 semester credit hours.

Master of Arts in History

    The 37-hour degree offers a completely online component with four hours of required courses, 27 hours of graduate history courses from a variety of choices, and either a thesis or six additional hours of coursework. Rotation allows a student to earn the degree in six terms if taking at least six hours per term. The program is also available in a face-to-face format on the Plainview campus or in a combination of online and face-to-face courses as is convenient for the student.  Pursuing the program entirely on the Plainview campus will require longer to complete because of the way the rotation works.

Master of Arts in English

    The 37-hour Master of Arts in English program is designed to prepare students for teaching, further graduate work, creative writing, or related writing and research fields. Two options or tracks are available, each requiring a total of 37 graduate hours: The thesis-option track requires 6 hours of thesis and an oral defense, while the non-thesis track requires 6 additional hours of coursework. Both the thesis and the non-thesis track require a written comprehensive exam.

Master of Arts in Management

    The Human Resource Management specialization is a cohort-based program that allows for graduation after six terms (18 months) of class work.  Health care Administration and organization Management specializations are non-cohort based and sufficient courses are offered through the Virtual campus to complete either specialization in a totally on-line learning environment.  Totally online students in this program will be affiliated with and advised by Dr. Otto B. Schacht, Dean of the School of Business and faculty at the Plainview campus.

Master of Business Administration

    Offered online through the School of Business, the MBA offers the specializations of General Business Administration, Health Care Administration, Human Resource Management, Management, and Management Information Systems.  The degree can be accomplished in a totally on-line environment.  Totally online students in this program will be affiliated with and advised by Dr. Otto B. Schacht, Dean of the School of Business  and faculty at the Plainview campus.

Master of Christian Ministry

    The MCM offers open enrollment to online students who are just starting the program or who have already completed some courses in traditional class settings. The rotation of courses is set up to make available at least three courses each term which can be applied to the program.

Master of Divinity

    Available fully online or through a combination of face to face classes at one of Wayland's many classes, the School of Religion and Philosophy offers the Master of Divinity program, the standard professional degree for individuals entering Christian ministry. The program prepares the student for effective ministry in the twenty-first century, whether serving in the church, on the mission field, in a denominational institution, or through a parachurch organization.

Master of Education

    Offered online through the School of Education, the MED offers five specializations:  Educational Administration, Higher Education Administration, Instructional Leadership, Instructional Technology, and Special Education.  These degrees are designed for students new to Wayland and all courses required for the degrees are available online. Each of these programs can be completed in 18 months.

Master of Public Administration

    Offered by Wayland exclusively as an online program, the MPA features a rotation of courses which includes business classes offered every term as well as public administration courses offered on a timely basis.

Master of Science in Nursing

    The Master of Science in Nursing prepares nurses to be able to teach in either nursing education programs or other organizations that need an educator. It also prepare nurses with the ability to manage an educational program. The degree focuses on curriculum development, teaching strategies , evaluation, and adult learning. It also has a second focus that educates the student in the areas of business.