Mathematics Major

Department of Mathematics

Why Mathematics?

Both the content and the method of mathematics are important for meeting the needs of the world as well as the development of the individual. As a tool of the sciences, mathematics is indispensable, while as an art, it challenges the ability and appreciation of the best minds. The mathematics area seeks to do three basic things: teach fundamental mathematical concepts, show how mathematics can be applied to the real world, and investigate the nature of the mathematical process itself.

Mathematics Requirements
The major requires 33 hours, of which 24 hours must be upper level. MATH 1306 and MSCI 2311 can each be used to fulfill three hours of general education requirements.

MATH 1306 -- Elementary Statistics

MATH 2306 -- Calculus I

MATH 2307 -- Calculus II

MATH 3300 -- Calculus III

MATH 3302 -- Linear Algebra

MATH 3307 -- Mathematical Reasoning and Proof

MATH 4302 -- Differential Equations

MATH 4304 -- Abstract Algebra

MATH 4305 -- Intermediate Analysis

And six hours of upper-level mathematics electives

Additional requirements:

MSCI 2311  -- Scientific Computing

MSCI 3101  -- Faith and Science