2014 Fall
COSC 2311 Computer Applications
MISM 4324 Project Management

2014 Winter
COSC 2311 Computer Applications
MISM 3301 Information Technology Hardware

2013 Fall
COSC 2311 Computer Applications
MISM 3307 Web Site Design

2013 Summer
COSC 2311 Computer Applications
MISM 4324 Project Management

2013 Spring
COSC 2311 Computer Applications
MISM 3304 Information Technology Hardware & Software

2013 Winter
COSC 2311
MISM 3303

Biographical information

Robert L. Su received his Bachelor degree in International Business from Feng Chia University in Taiwan. He earned his Master degree in Management from California State University. His thesis was the Comparison of the International Trade Development between Japan and Taiwan. He earned his 2nd Master degree in Computer Science from Texas A&M University. His thesis was the Local Area Networks Applied to the Multiprocessor System. The research of using high performance LANs to overcome the drawbacks of the General Electric's Super Computer Center was discussed on the thesis. Mr. Su is also a Panasonic certified engineer for the Panasonic laser printer.

Prof. Su has worked in the computer industry since 1985. He also conducted the international business transaction among the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, and China. Currently, he is in charge of the MIS Division for the Housing Department supporting the annual 35 million dollars rental assistant project and filing reports to the HUD (Housing and Urban Development) electronically. He is responsible for the System Analysis, Design, and Implementation for series of the hardware, software, and the network projects in the housing department. He also serves as the technical coordinator dealing with various vendors for the office automation project. He lectures at universities and consultants various business organizations and foreign Consulates. Currently, he is a part time Professor at Wayland Baptist University.

Mr. Su's hobbies include computer research and experiences different international culture. He builds and disassembles computers when he has spare time. He also builds various multilingual computer systems and provides the computer training for the Senior citizen for the Moiliili community center. He likes to plays tennis, read ancient Chinese history, and watch movies. He also enjoys the Karaoke with his friends and families. Mr. Su and his wife, Reiki, reside with three children Kevin, Jonathan, and Edward in Kalaniiki Valley.