2015-2016 Winter

MGMT 3339 Theory and Practice of Supervision

MGMT 5326 International Management

MGMT 5343 Compensation, Benefits, and Performance


2015 Fall
MGMT 3304 Principles of Management (hybrid)
MGMT 5313 Diversity Management (hybrid)
MGMT 5350 Strategic Management (hybrid)

2015 Summer
BUAD 4334 Business Ethics (hybrid)
MGMT 5325 Organizational Development & Behavior (hybrid)
MKTG 5302 Marketing Analysis (hybrid)

2015 Spring
BUAD 5304 Ethics (hybrid)
MGMT 5350 Strategic Management for the M.A.M. (hybrid)
MKTG 3312 Principles of Marketing (hybrid)

2014 Fall
BUAD 5304 Ethics (hybrid)
MGMT5306 Leadership & Management Development (hybrid)
MGMT5350 Strategic Management (hybrid)

2014 Summer
BUAD 4334 Business Ethics
MKTG 5302 Marketing Analysis
EDUC 5384 Conflict Resolution

2014 Spring

MGMT 5350 Strategic Management for the M.A.M.

MGMT 5344 Career Development and Management

Biographical information

Dr. Tod Outlaw earned his Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in marketing from Baylor University, his Master of Business Administration Degree in management from Tarleton State University, his Master of Science Degree in educational administration from East Texas State University, and his Doctor of Education Degree in higher education-supervision, curriculum, and instruction from Texas A&M University - Commerce. He has eight years of experience in construction, four years of experience in oilfield equipment manufacturing, nine years of experience in publishing, five years of experience in healthcare administration, and six years of experience in higher education.

Dr. Outlaw is a native of Texas. When he is not teaching, he enjoys travel, reading, and writing. When possible, he spends time with his family in Texas. He loves Hawaii and considers teaching a privilege.