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Bob Marchant is the Executive Director of the River of Life Mission in Chinatown. He has been with the Mission for 3 ½ years.

Bob is one of those people who have worked successfully in a number of career fields. Following 5 years in the US Army, Bob entered the hotel business. In the seventies Bob was a general manager with several hotel corporations prior to entering the ministry at age 35. Bob graduated from seminary at age 39. In the eighties he pastored Kauai Bible Church on Kauai. During those years he also wrote the curriculum for Kauai Community College in Hotel and Restaurant Operations. He also taught part-time during those years on Kauai.

Following the Kauai years, Bob went to Hawaii Pacific University and earned his MBA in business. During the nineties Bob served as a pastor of a church near Bakersfield, California. Bob and Merrie-Susan both have a desire to help people to help themselves. They have been married for 39 years. They raised five sons, three of whom are adopted. Four of those sons and 8 of their ten grandchildren live here in Hawaii.

Bob and his wife, Merrie-Susan returned to Hawaii in 1998 planning to spend 6 months of each year working here and 6 months in India and Sri Lanka on mission trips. Bob has a long history of involvement helping people including doing volunteer work in orphanages in Japan and India, as well as physically building three different church buildings. In the past 15 years bob and his wife have made numerous short term mission trips to India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Mexico, speaking at pastors conferences, working with local national pastors, speaking at Bible Colleges and ministering to the poor. Two months after their return, Merrie-Susan had surgery for breast cancer. For obvious reasons they postponed travel plans. Bob returned briefly to his business management career and worked for nine months at the old Sheraton Makaha. While working there he received an invitation from a River of Life Mission board member to apply for the position of General Manager of the Mission. He squeezed in a short mission trip to Sri Lanka before starting to work at River of Life Mission in September of 99.

Eight months after Bob arrived at the Mission, Jack and Audrey Stankus, founders of the River of Life Mission moved to the mainland. Bob was appointed Executive Director of the Mission. Merrie-Susan began doing volunteer work at the Mission and a year later joined the staff where she serves as the Director of Operations. She always tells her husband that he has the boring job (administration) while she has the fun job (working with the people.)

Bob and Merrie-Susan make a good team. They worked together in the hotel business and c0-pastored churches together. Their jobs at River of Life Mission enable them to draw on the years of experience from their previous jobs.

River of Life Mission has averaged feeding over ten thousand meals a month at the Chinatown location since Jan. 2002. The Mission has an extensive Food Box ministry to low income and elderly families across the island as well as the Ministry of feeding the homeless and poor in Chinatown.