Dr. David Howle


2014 Spring

RLGN 4317 The Latter Prophets

RLGN 5317 The Latter Prophets

2014 Winter
FREN 1301 Elementary French I - Beginning Rescheduled for Winter IV

2013 Spring
RLGN 4322 Life and Letters of Paul (undergraduate)
RLGN 5322 Life and Letters of Paul (graduate)

2012 Summer
RLGN 4319 (undergraduate)
RLGN 5319 (graduate)

2012 Spring
RLGN4316 (undergraduate)
RLGN5316 (graduate)

Biographical information

Dr Howle Aloha! I have been part of the Wayland team since 1995, primarily as a professor of religion. Because I am currently the Dean of the Hawaii Campus, I will not be teaching many classes.