2014 Winter
EDUC 5353 Learning to Lead

2013 Fall
EDUC 5306 Classroom Management

2013 Summer
EDUC 5380 Adult Development and Learning

2013 Spring
EDUC 5353 Learning to Lead

2013 Winter
CTED 4316 The Adult Learner

Biographical information

Aloha and welcome to WBU! Congratulations on your decision to move forward with your education. I hope you will find this an extremely rewarding experience. I am here to assist you in this endeavor in every possible way that I can. At any time during the course, if you have concerns or/and questions, please feel free to contact me.

I would like to share some of my background: I am a retired military Army officer. I entered onto active duty in 1980 and retired July, 2001. While on active duty I enjoyed a wide range of assignments to include work at the Pentagon, NATO, Boston University, and within the 25th and 10th Infantry Divisions. I currently serve as an Education Services Specialist for the Coast Guard and prior to filling this billet, I served as the Deputy Education Services Officers for Marine and Navy personnel stationed at Kaneohe Bay and Camp Smith.

Much like many of you, I obtained my education while simultaneously working. I have certificates in Women's Studies and Management, a Master's in Counseling, a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Human Services and a Doctorate in Education. I applaud your efforts to continue your education - you have made a wise decision.

I enjoy participating in most sports. In particular, I like volleyball, softball, and bowling. I also enjoy the company of my five super dogs: Maggie, Thor, Tyco, Scooby and Titan.