Responding to the budget crisis

The delay in passing a US budget bill has had a significant financial effect here in Hawaii. The Wayland Baptist University—Hawaii campus has felt the impact most directly in regard to financial aid for our students. We realize that uncertainty about tuition assistance (TA) and other financial aid has persuaded some of our students to postpone their education for a semester or until the budget crisis is resolved.

The military branches are having difficulty assessing what will happen with TA and have consequently issued restrictive statements just to be on the conservative side. The Veterans Administration seems to be continuing to dispense funds out of last year’s budget, but there is no guarantee as to how far that will go.

Wayland is responding in several ways.
  • Postponed the deadline for receiving a full tuition refund. Students can wait until the first three days of class have passed before dropping without penalty. Students who have made payments for classes may drop on Thursday, October 10, and receive complete reimbursement.
  • Developed payment plans. Students may work with our staff to set up plans which would allow for paying off tuition over the course of the semester.
  • Provided connections to alternate sources of education funding. We can help you apply for Pell grants and other financial aid.
Only Congress and the President can determine when the stalemate will end. In the meantime, Wayland personnel will do our best to help students through this funding crisis.