Professor Incomplete Report--Use this form to file a grade of "I" for a student who, due to extraordinary circumstances, is unable to complete the course by the end of the term.

Professor Change of Grade Report--This form can be used to report a change of final grade necessitated by calculation error or by completion of an "Incomplete."

Academic Integrity Violation Report--Full-time faculty members, adjunct faculty members, or proctors must report all violations of academic integrity as described in the catalog. The faculty member or proctor should file a record of the offense by attaching the report to email sent to the campus dean. This form includes all the elements required in the report.

General Syllabus Template--This template can be used for all Hawaii campus courses. Please check the most recent catalog for course descriptions.

Access to syllabus templates--Instructions for accessing from Blackboard the syllabus template you need to use for your course. Syllabi are categorized by academic school.

Report of Unsatisfactory Progress (ROUP)--To report students who are headed for failure in a class by the middle of the term. Access to this form requires a password; contact Vicki in the Mililani office.