Hawaii Campus Security and Safety Report for 2010-2012

Personal Safety and Security

WBU is concerned about your safety and security. We assure you that we place a high priority on maintaining a safe environment for students, faculty, and staff. We cannot, however, guarantee the absolute safety of any particular person. Since safety begins with the individual, you must take the responsibility for your own personal safety.

WBU Classrooms and Office Security

During Mililani Campus business hours, WBU facilities are secured by campus personnel and faculty. After business hours, a contracted security firm, as well as Honolulu Police Department, provides building security. On the military installations, security is provided by each military installationís security police force. The Security Police (SP) and the Military Police (MP) make frequent patrols of parking areas near and around Education Centers.

Reporting Crime

Staff, faculty, and students are asked to read and familiarize themselves with the following crime reporting agencies and phone numbers:
  • Mililani Campus: During business hours, crimes witnessed within WBU facilities must be reported to the Campus Dean at 488-8570. Within the adjacent business park area, property crimes witnessed must be reported to the Honolulu Police Department at 911.
  • Military Installations: Crimes witnessed on Hawaii bases and posts must be reported to the respective Base Security Police or Military Police.
  • Report all emergencies by calling 911.

Prohibited Activities within WBU Facilities and on Military Installations

  • Alcohol and Drugs: WBU prohibits the use of illegal drugs or consumption of alcohol while in or prior to entry into classrooms, offices, parking areas, or other facilities. WBU forbids the possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs, drug paraphernalia and alcohol by staff, faculty and students as part of any activity of the University, Compliance with these standards of conduct for staff, faculty and students is mandatory.
  • Firearms for personal protection or sport are strictly prohibited at WBU facilities. Absolutely no weapons may be brought by staff, faculty or students onto any Federal military installation, except by official law enforcement personnel.