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David and Myrt Wilder Field has long been one of the top baseball facilities in West Texas. Wilder Field hosts not only the Pioneers baseball team, but numerous state playoff games, as well as summer league teams competing for city, regional and state titles.

Thanks to a generous donation, the baseball program has secured enough field turf to carpet the playing surface at Wilder Field. Efforts are now focusing on raising the $350,000 needed to prepare the surface for installation, beginning with the infield. With your help, we will Raise the Turf and raise the bar for Wayland athletics.

  • Benefits of field turf:
  • Creates a quality, competitive environment for teams wanting to play in Plainview
  • Raises the bar of competitiveness in the baseball program
  • Enhances recruiting efforts to attract quality athletes
  •   Saves the university more than $25,000 annually in field maintenance costs
  •   Enables the university to “go green,” curtailing a large amount of water usage
  • Instills pride in the baseball program
  • Allows Wayland to host a large number of summer youth baseball events
  • Increases the opportunity and desire for area high school teams to play playoff games in Plainview
  • Allows for year-round usage

Signage will be placed in the facility  to acknowledge the generosity of donors to the Raising the Turf project. Join the Club!

Base Hit Club -- $500 - $999
Double Club -- $1,000 - $4,999
Triple Club -- $5,000 - $9,999
Home Run Club -- $10,000 - $24,999
Grand Slam Club -- $25,000 and above


If you are a fund raising participant, click here for a Participant Instruction Guide for Friends asking Friends.


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