German MINOR

Why German?

German courses are designed to give the student a reading and speaking knowledge of the German language and an introduction to German literature. Since language is a vital expression of the mentality of a people, such training will help the student to understand better the nature of the German people. Courses also prepare students to become acquainted with German contributions to the fields of art, science, and philosophy. Students who have passed two years of German in high school may be placed in GERM 2301.

German Requirements
German - The minor requires 20 semester hours, of which six hours must be upper division. *Six hours may be included in the general education core curriculum for the B.A. degree.

  • GERM 1401 - Elementary German (first semester) Beginning
  • GERM 1402 - Elementary German (second semester) Continuation
  • * GERM 2301 - Intermediate German (first semester) Beginning
  • * GERM 2302 - Intermediate German (second semester) Continuation

and six hours of upper-level in German