Fitness Management Major

Why Fitness Management?

The health and fitness industry has seen incredible growth over the years and shows no sign of stopping.   Therefore, there is, and will be, a need for qualified employees in this field.  A majority of these jobs deal with some form of business, such as managing others and budgets.   Accordingly, this major combines scientific knowledge of exercise physiology and fitness with practical business skills, preparing them to work in the business world along with the knowledge of the fitness world.

Careers in Fitness Management: The student who earns a Bachelor of Science with a Fitness Management Composite major has a wide variety of opportunities in this ever growing field.  Possible jobs include working as a fitness director, health club administrator, personal trainer, corporate fitness supervisor, group exercise instructor, health promoter, recreation leader, or athletic director.  Another option for this degree is to pursue further education in business or take part in research in physiology, medicine or related field.

Fitness Management Requirements
The composite major requires a total of 54 semester hours of which at least 21 must be upper-level. 29 semester hours make up the core of the major, of which *4 are dual counted in the general education core. The composite major is consists of the choice of one of four different specializations, 18 hours each: fitness and conditioning, outdoor education, or sport management.

*BIOL 2401 - General Anatomy and Physiology
MGMT 3304 - Principles of Management
EXSS 1301 - Foundation of Physical Education and Sport
EXSS 2304 - Safety and First Aid
EXSS 2305 - Personal and Community Health
EXSS 3312 - Physiology of Exercise
EXSS 3315 - Kinesiology
EXSS 3320 - Introduction to Sport Management
EXSS 3322 - Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity
EXSS 4100 - Capstone Seminar in Exercise and Sport Science

Fitness and Strength Specialization - The specialization requires 18 semester hours.
EXSS 1109 - Step Aerobics
EXSS 1114 - Weight Training
EXSS 1117 - Aerobic Activity
EXSS 3308 - Foundations of Athletic Training
EXSS 4114 - Advanced Weight Training
EXSS 4163 - Practicum for Personal Trainer I
EXSS 4164 - Practicum for Personal Trainer II
EXSS 4300 - Exercise Prescription
EXSS 4301 - Principles and Techniques of Strength and Conditioning
three hours from:
EXSS 3306 - Introduction to Motor Learning
EXSS 3307 - Nutrition and Human Performance

Outdoor Education Specialization - The specialization requires 18 semester hours,
*2 of which may be dual counted from the general education requirements.
EXSS 3310 - Recreation Leadership
EXSS 4310 - Outdoor Education
EXSS 4311 - Adventure Education
three hours from:
EXSS 4360 - Internship in Exercise and Sport Science
EXSS 4165, 4166, and 4167 - Practicum in Exercise and Sport Science
*six activity courses from the following:
EXSS 1103 - Recreational Shooting
EXSS 1105 - Swimming
EXSS 1121 - Fly Fishing
EXSS 1124 - Snow Skiing
EXSS 1132 - Self Defense
EXSS 1133 - Water Aerobics
EXSS 1135 - Camping and Backpacking
EXSS 1136 - W Games
EXSS 3100 - Survival

Sport Management Specialization - The specialization requires 18 semester hours.
EXSS 3321 - Sociology of Sport and Physical Activity
EXSS 3323 - Legal Aspects of Sport
EXSS 4320 - Sport Communication
EXSS 4321 - Sport Promotion and Marketing
six hours from:
BUAD 4334 - Business Ethics
MGMT 3310 - Managerial Communications
MGMT 3330 - Small Business Management
MGMT 3339 - Theory and Practice of Supervision
MGMT 4320 - Organizational Behavior

Sport Medicine Specialization - The specialization requires 18 semester hours.
EXSS 3308 - Foundations of Athletic Training
EXSS 4308 - Advanced Techniques in Athletic Training
EXSS 4309 - Therapeutic Modalities
EXSS 3307 - Nutrition of Human Performance
six hours from:
EXSS 1161 - Apprentice Athletic Training I
EXSS 1162 - Apprentice Athletic Training II
EXSS 2161 - Apprentice Athletic Training III
EXSS 2162 - Apprentice Athletic Training IV
EXSS 3161 - Apprentice Athletic Training V
EXSS 3162 - Apprentice Athletic Training VI
EXSS 4161 - Apprentice Athletic Training VII
EXSS 4162 - Apprentice Athletic Training VIII