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The School of Fine Arts includes the departments of Media Studies , Communication Studies, Graphic Design Theatre, and Visual Arts. The School of Fine Arts faculty believes works of art are powerful means of expression. These expressions provide cultural identity, promote engagement, interaction, and become dynamic forces in shaping and reflecting civilization. Central to higher education, the disciplines of the School of Fine Arts provide curricula, creative experiences and opportunities for self-expression, and performances that lead students to a deep understanding of the arts. This understanding engenders tangible opportunities for outreach into the community and beyond. Studying and participating in various modes of creative expression enhances communication
skills and prepares students for social, aesthetic, and intellectual interaction. These creative expressions of faculty and students in art, communication studies, media communication, and theatre departments enrich the University and greater community.

Faculty & Staff
Each fine arts student is assigned an academic advisor (faculty member) and should consult regularly with the advisor to ensure proper course selection. Each faculty member has regular hours to assist students with advising or give students assistance with class work.

Approved Textbooks
The approved textbook list includes textbook lists for Media Studies, Communication Studies, Theatre and Visual Arts. Students are encouraged to attend first class before purchasing textbook.

Student Opportunities

Performing Arts

Communication Studies

Debate Team

Media Studies

Trailblazer (Student Newspaper)

Wayland TV Station

Wayland Radio Station

Visual Arts

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