Course Syllabus

Summer 2006 Term

May 29, 2006 – August 12, 2006



RSWR 3345: Research Writing Methods


All assignments will be due on Thursdays, emailed NLT 4:00 pm Central Standard Time (CST)

Instructor: Dr. Tony Strange, Ed.D., and MPA   


Contact numbers : Home 488-8820 (Please call before 9:00 pm)


Meeting : Fort Wainwright - Thursday and Friday, 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm, June 1 -2, 8 – 9, and June 15 and 16


E-mail: (**Please use this email address for all assignments and electronic correspondence)


Hours Available for Assistance: As arranged with students.


Catalog Description : RSWR 3345 - provides instruction in formulating research topics, conducting research, and writing papers, which marshal support from secondary sources. Students will learn and understand research reports, to analyze and interpret results, and to develop in-depth, research-based papers centering on topics in their academic disciplines.


**Always check the announcement section on blackboard and examples in the assignment sections twice a week.

**Please use the above email address for communication.


Prerequisite : None


Textbook :


Writing from Sources, Brenda Spatt, 6 th editions.


American Psychological Association , APA Manual , 5th edition.


Outcome Competencies : Listed below are specific course learning objectives established by chapters. At the conclusion of this course, the adult-learner within a given discipline will be able to:


1. Be able to discuss what is knowledge and valid methods to uncover knowledge in a particular discipline.


2. Be able to discuss the need for research within a given discipline.


3. Be able to discuss the parts of a research paper, and demonstrate proficiency in organizing, writing, and producing a research paper in the proper format.


4. Be able to discuss key aspects of the American Psychological Association (APA) writing style, and be able to demonstrate correct use of the APA style in written research reports.


5. Be able to demonstrate library, electronic media, and Internet search proficiency, and demonstrate proper use of hard-copy books, scholarly journals, surveys, interviews, and observation analyses in support of research projects.


6. Be able to create research questions, develop research thesis thoughts, develop research thesis sentences, and develop research strategies through a structured research report outline.


7. Be able to construct an annotated bibliography of 12 to 15 entries.


8. Be able to critically read, analyze, and write using the basic vocabulary and principles in the analyses of qualitative and quantitative research reports.


9. Be able to critically think, speak, and write in either a qualitative or quantitative research approach.


10. Be able to analyze, design, and construct a research survey instrument.


11. Be able to serve, record, and interpret human behavior.


12. Be able to analyze, design, and implement a research project.


13. Be able to integrate and apply discipline theories, models, and concepts to a research paper.


14. Be able to develop, research and write a 10-page research paper.



Overarching Objective: Be able to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in this course to the adult-learner's specific selected discipline as assessed in the final course the Senior Exit Seminar (GRAD 4101).


Disability Services: It is University policy that no otherwise qualified disabled person be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under any educational program or activity.





Course Requirements: Course Requirements   Points


a. Reading Assignment: Spatt’s, Chapter 1 and Chapter 5, pp 231 – 239.



- Select two (2) separate discipline related research topics. Students should make sure primary and secondary research materials are available to support research on the two topics. *(See the examples on Blackboard under the assignment sections) . Once the instructor has approved your topic you can proceed to item (b).


Total value 50 points   Due: June 2, 2006


Reading Assignment: June 4 – 10, Spatt’s Chapter 3 and 4


Reading Assignment: June 11 – 17, Spatt’s Chapter 5 and 6


b. Write a discipline specific 12 to 15 item annotated bibliography. See the example in the assignment section for this course in Blackboard . (Hint: You cannot wait until the due date to start this assignment). Only two sources can be from the Internet.


Total point value 100 Due: June 22, 2006



c. Develop and write a discipline related survey instrument and conduct, as a minimum, a 10-person survey. The instructor prior to conducting the survey must approve survey Instrument. *(See the examples on Blackboard under the assignment sections) .


Total point value 100 Due: June 29, 2006


d. Write, as a minimum, a three-page report that interprets the survey results with tables or graphics. *(See the examples on Blackboard under the assignment sections) .


Total point value of: 100 Due: July 13, 2006



e. Construct an interview protocol, based on the responses received during the survey. The instructor must approve the protocol before performing interviews.


Total point value of 50 points. Due: July 20, 2006


   - Reading Assignments: Chapter 7 Writing the Research Essay


f. Conduct an interview of the 10 people surveyed to discover the voice and the reasoning behind their responses. These responses should be recorded with the permission of the respondents. Write a three-page analysis of the interviews.


Total point value of 100. Due: August 3, 2006


   - Reading Assignment: Chapter 8 Acknowledging Sources

  - Reading Assignment: Chapter 9 Three Research Essays


g. Write a ten-page (10 page) research paper with a title page and a reference page ( for a minimum total of 12 pages ). This paper should consist of all the material you have collected up to this point (annotated bibliography, three-page survey paper, three page interview paper). Most of the research for the paper should be already collected. The course paper will be prepared in the American Psychological Association (APA) style, 5th Edition.


****If you like to submit a draft of your paper early. I will review drafts August 5 – 8, 2006.


The research paper accounts for a total point value of 500 points. Due: August 11, 2006.


Grading Scale:


A = 90-100%,   D = 60-69%

B = 80-89%,   F = 59 and below

C = 70-79%, I = Incomplete



Grading Weight (based on 1000 points possible)


Research Topic 50

Annotated Bibliography 100

Survey Instrument   100

Survey Paper   100

Interview Protocol 50

Interview Paper 100

Research Paper 500



All assignments will have due dates and late penalties. Failure to submit assignments on time will result in the reduction of your grade by 10 points per 24-hour period following the due date. For example, if something is due by midnight CST (Central Standard Time) on June 1, 2006, you will be counted off 10 points if I don't have your submission by midnight CST on June 1, 2006. You will be counted off 20 points

after midnight CST on March 2nd. After four late periods, the submission will no longer be accepted. Please contact me early if you're having trouble getting something in.