Summer Semester 2006

May 30 to August 12, 2006


COURSE NUMBER & TITLE:    Technical Management Operations

                                                         MGMT 4324

TIME:                                             Thursday 6 pm

INSTRUCTOR:                             Ben Petersdorff

CONTACT INFORMATION:     Home: 488-0804


APPOINTMENTS:                       Available by appointment

LOCATION:                                  Eielson AFB



COURSE DESCRIPTION: Quantitative tools and behavioral methods in long-range resource planning, policy determination, goal setting, development of tactics, and the establishment of strategies.


TEXTBOOK: Operations Management, Meeting Customers’ Demands, Edward M. Knod/Richard J. Schonberger




•  Be able to describe basic management duties.
•  Explore universal strategy, in which a company provides both differentiated output and low costs.
•  Explain why downsizing, force plant closings and layoffs, create shot-term financial burdens.
•  Understand why buyers and staff are the main action component of the purchasing effort.
•  Explain what it means to buy intangibles.
•  Explain why standardization may be the only way to make personalized design profitable.
•  Describe the competitive benefits of TQM.
•  Describe the travel authorization process.
•  Be able to describe facilities management
•  Follow quick changeover projects.


CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES: Four major methods will be utilized in the class to facilitate the students’ understanding the subject: l) Lecture to keynote major findings in subject, 2) Readings to further elaborates on subject, 3) Presentations and films, and 4) Films and field trips.






Attendance: Attendance is required. Excessive late arrivals or early departures will be taken into consideration. Material will be discussed in class and included in the exam that is not in the book. It is the students’ responsibility to obtain any material missed by not attending class for any reason. The student must not miss any more than 25% of the class. Any more misses may result in failure of the class. In case of TDY’s the instructor should be notified as soon as possible.


Readings : Assigned readings are to be completed prior to the class session for which they are assigned.


Plagiarism Policy: Intellectual integrity and truthfulness are fundamental to scholarship. Scholars, whether they are performing as students or as teachers, are engaged in a search for truth. Plagiarism is a form of cheating and also a form of theft. Plagiarism occurs when a student fails to give proper credit when information is either quoted or paraphrased. Carelessness is no excuse. As such, it is a breach of scholarly responsibility. It is also unethical and in some cases, illegal. Looking at or copying someone else’s test, answer sheet, and/or paper are counted as cheating. Plagiarism may result in an “F” in the course.


Disability Policy: It is the university policy that no otherwise qualified disable person be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under any educational program or activity in the university.


Course Evaluation

Grading scale

    A = 90 – 100%

    B = 80 – 89%

    C = 70 – 79%

    D = 60 – 69%

    F = Below 60%

    I = For Incomplete

  W = For Withdrawal


Grading Weight (based on 100 points possible)


    Exam 1 = Test score      x25% +____ points

    Exam 2 = Test score      x25% = ____points

    Homework                      x10% = ____points

    Participation                   x10% = ____points

    Paper                              x30% = ____points

                                 Grand Total = ____points


MGMT 4325


Course Outline

(Tentative Schedule)


Week 1 – Course Introduction, overview, course requirements, and administrative issues.


Week 2 – Chapters 1-2


Week 3 – Chapter 3


Week 4 – Chapter 4


Week 5 – Chapters 5 & 6

                Mid term will be handed out

                Topic Due


Week 6 – Chapters 7 & 8

                Mid term due


Week 7 – Chapter 9


Week 8 – Chapters 10 & 11


Week 9 – Chapters 12 - 14


Week 10 – Chapters 15 & 16                                       

                   Final will be handed out


Week 11 – Final due

                   Paper due

                  Chapter 17