The Fairbanks Campus has two offices with academic advisors.
  - Eielson Air Force Base office advisor--377-4398
  - Fort Wainwright office advisor--356-2403

While the academic counseling session is generally by appointment, we welcome interested individuals on a walking-in basis. Whether by appointment or as a walk-in, it is advisable to plan at least 60 minutes for the academic advising session. If this is a first time academic counseling session, then it is asked that as much academic documentation as is available be brought to the session. Such academic documents include:

  • Copies of college/vocational school transcripts.
  • Any CLEP, DANTES, and/or Regency exam reports results.
  • An AARTS transcript for US Army students.
  • CCAF transcript for US Air Force students.
  • SMART transcript for U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine
  • DD Form 295 for all DOD military that do not have an AARTS, SMART, or CCAF transcript.
  • DD Form 214 for veteran students.
  • Any training certificates from employer based training.
  • Formal work performance evaluation reports (Army-NCOER, Air Force-EPR, and/or Civilian Performance reports).
These documents can help the academic advisor better determine the approximate number of college credits earned and how these earned college credits apply towards a particular Wayland degree program.

The academic advising session and informal evaluation are provided as a free service. Contact the academic advisor closest to you for an appointment. You may be closer to a four-year degree than you think